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Reasons Why Abia State Government Needs To Look Into Upgrading And Rebuild Abia State Stadium

abia state is a state captioned Gods own state and should be among one of the competitive states in nigeria but it isn't.

There are few reasons why Abia state isn't among one of the competitive states in nigeria and that is it's lack of quality stadium. The sport spirit of Abia state is poor and the stadium not having a lot of sport activities going on in it, is one of the reasons why. Imaging if the government start investing deeply in the sports life of Abia state there by making sure that every major sports activity is being established and practiced.

This will help reduce the crime rate in the state because majority of crimes being commited are by the youth. That's because there's nothing occupying there minds like this sports activities being established in a big way and mobilized in the city, making it so competitive that there minds will be so focused on winning.My purpose of posting this is to draw the attention of the government to this situation because making sports one of the major activity being done in abia state will help develop the state more.

Imagine if Abia state have a basketball team that the government recognize and invest in, representing Abia state or a boxing team that the governor recognize representing Abia too and other sports teams going out beyond Abia state and are representing Abia state too.

So we are beging the governor to come and look into this matter because this will help develop this state and every one of us will benefit from it including the governor.


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