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14 Football Players That Are Related

Every day, we see and watch footballers who are related to one other. Others are blood relations, while others are blood brothers. Some of them are even related by marriage. We will look at several football stars who are related in this article. Here are a few of them:

1. Seydou Keita and Mohammed Sissoko are both hard-tackling defensive midfielders who play similar roles. Salif Keita (former African footballer of the year) is Sissoko's uncle, and Salif Keita is also the uncle of former Barcelona midfielder Seydou Keita.

2. James Rodriguez and David Ospina: The goalkeeper is James Rodriguez's brother-in-law. Back in 2010, James married David's sister ( Daniela Ospina).

3. Thiago Alcantara and Rafinha: Thiago Alcantara is Rafinha's older brother.

4. Sone Aluko and Eniola: Sone Aluko is Eniola's younger brother.

5. Didier Drogba and Olivier Tebily: Didier Drogba's cousin is Olivier Tebily, a former Celtic and Sheffield United player.

6. Jerome Prince Boateng and Kelvin Prince Boateng are blood brothers who play for two different countries.

7. Another blood brother is Lucas and Theo Hernandez. Lucas is the older of the two brothers.

8. Eden and Thorgan Hazard: Eden Hazard has a younger brother named Thorgan.

9. Yahaya and Kolo Toure: Kolo Toure is Yaya Toure's older brother. They were teammates at Manchester City.

10. Lionel Messi and Bojan: According to research conducted in 2011, Bojan was discovered to be Lionel Messi's fourth cousin. Mariano Pérez Miralles and Teresa Llobrera Minguet are reported to be their great-great-great-grandchildren.

11. Frank Lampard and Harry Redknapp do not share a blood relation. Redknapp's wife and Lampard's mother are sisters. To put it another way, Redknapp is Frank Lampard's uncle.

12. Gary Neville and Phil Neville: Phil is the younger brother of Gary. 

13. Wayne Rooney and John Rooney: Wayne Rooney has a younger brother named John.

14. Nabil Fekir and Yassin Fekir: Yassin Fekir is Nabil Fekir's younger brother.

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