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UEFA Champions League

Manchester United stand a chance in the next champions league with UEFA's proposed Law.

With the current crisis around the world and also it has been eating the time and schedule of football, this has resulted to some safety measures as back up.

The European Football Association (UEFA) have been searching and weighing their option thoroughly because of the crisis that has hit the sporting world and also the countries finances, the body has decided to follow a proposed Law that will decide teams that will make the top four finish if the season is cancelled.

The body's plan is to use coefficient scores to, decide who will be in the next season champions league if this current campaign is cancelled.

With UEFA using this procedure Manchester United will stand a chance to qualify for the next season champions league, though there are in the fifth position with three points behind Chelsea FC and nine matches remaining in the league.

With the law Manchester United scores 92.00 points sitting third, while Manchester City scores 112.00points sitting at the top, Liverpool scores 99.00 points at the second place, Arsenal scores 91.00 sitting fourth, while Chelsea scores 83.00 behind fifth place Tottenham who scores 85.00.

Manchester are still in the Europa League looking hungry for the trophy so with this their stand chances to qualify for next season champions league spot.

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