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This Is the Main Reason Why Halaand Was Kicked Out Of A Hotel In Norway On Monday

Germany's Prestigious competition,Bundesliga is finally over and players are on break.Most of them have returned to their homes and await the beginning of a new season.Bayern Munich has clinched the trophy for the fifth time in a row but Borussia Dortmund were close to lifting the trophy but slipped a couple of times.

Earling Halaand has returned to Norway his home and is spending time with his family, going on vacations with them and spending quality time with them before a new season resumes.

According to reports which has gone quite viral since Monday that Halaand had set off a party popper inside the venue ,but the night club's head of security has made things clear and rubbished these claims

Christopher Nae Sheim,the night club's head of security has told Norwagian News media,Bild that Earling Braut Halaand was not drunk.Earling Halaand has been reported to be caught drunk and most news media have carried this seems fake news.

The main reason why Earling Halaand was walked out off the club the the security officials was because he was creating some kind of scene because he as grown popular and many people wants his autograph and crowded round him.The officials due to the Covid19 crises advices that he leaves the hotel to avoid Overcrowding and keep him safe.

The Borussia Dortmund Striker,Earling Braut Halaand scored 16 times in just 18 appearances for the Bundesliga side

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