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See the strongest woman in the world.

Jessica palmer is known as the strongest woman in the world right now. She can pish a van, can life over 500 pound of weight over and over and so much more. She earned the title of strongest woman in the world in the wprld of strongman corp. this is an athletic sport that picks out the strongest women and women in the world.

She is 38 and is nicknamed "filthy" because she is ready to cuss anyone out but her trainer has said she has a heart of gold.

Her trainer has said that when some guys come to his gym and see her they feel intimidated but Jessica has chosen not to make fun of them, instead she helps them reach their goal and let them know they should not feel intimidated.

She is married to a military recruiter,Doug,He follows her all over the world to watch her compete and he loves it. He has a favorite T-shirt he loves to wear that says "my girl is stronger than you".

She also has a 14 year old son, He loves ti brag about his mom's achievements. She is also a social media manager.

She is in her third year of competing and quickly moved up to the pro level. 

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