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This Poor Boy Could Not Afford To Buy Equipment At School But His Determination Changed His Life

Not everyone has rich parents or a great fortune but almost everyone can buy everything necessary for life, food, clothes, cash for public transport, things for your past time activities, buying everything you need whether it is ski equipment or new bicycle wheel.

Sometimes everything is not so optimistic and there’s not enough money even for the most important things. Nevertheless, this story has a full view of this.

The Bailey family is such an example, the family only has one son named Demarco.

The boy’s parents gave him as much love and care as they could, trying to compensate for the lack of money. The boy was grateful to his parents for their kindness and tried to be like all other children.

Although at school, they often laugh at him because of his old clothes, the only class he didn’t worry about his appearance in was physical education and it’s not surprising as all boys usually enjoy this class. 

Thanks to his teacher, Demarco became passionate for football and even wanted to create his own team in his second year but due to lack of money in his family, he could not afford to buy even the minimum equipment for training.

Nowadays, many children having wealthy parents are too lazy to get out of bed and tear themselves away from gadgets.

But here is such an ambition, the boy did not give up and did not complain about how bad it was that his parents could not buy him equipment. He found a way and it was quite original, he fixed two huge old tyres at the side of the road started working out.

As he was doing exercise he pushed the tyres deeper into the asphalt, this was going deeper for sometime, Demarco didn’t complain and he made progress in his athleticism.

One day, a prosperous man was driving his car and he saw Demarco working out beside the road, he was curious about what the boy was doing and he was amazed about the boy’s ingenuity.

I work as a football coach, Earl Davis shared his memories at that meeting but I’ve never met such real power and determination. The boys whom I train are sometimes lazy and never do their best.

Being surprised by the way the boy was training, Davis was amazed even more. The boy did not stop training even taking to him.

When the coach started his car and began going away slowly, the young athlete started running next to his car. He did not want to interrupt his training even for a minute, I’ve never seen such perseverance in my life, I even took a picture of him so that I can show my boys to see a worthy example, Davis Recalled.

He returned home, thinking about how hard working the boy was, he was almost shocked by his desire to work out even having nothing.

He decided to make a post on his facebook page, he write about energy and determination of the little boy, in an hour it got many reactions and lots of positive comments for the young athlete.

Many people especially wealthy parents wrote that their children did not want to do anything that they were not into activities or hobbies, in a couple of days they collected more that $5000 for Demarco on the internet so that he could buy equipment, when the equipment were brought to the boy, he was still training with tyres, aspiring to his dreams.

When he saw the equipment, he was confused, I do not deserve such an expensive gifts, he said surprised.

Demarco got different sports equipment and even clothes people wanted to sent him everything necessary so the boy absolutely did not need anything, people from all over the country bought and sent gifts to the little boy.

In addition to his perseverance, demarco was modest and compassionate. Many things that came to him, he gave back to charity.

I have parents and friend who always helped me and provided me with the most necessary things but some people do not have even the most minimal so I want to help, the young athlete said.

So we can only wish Demarco success and most likely in some years we may see him among famous football players. 

Do not forget to help those who need it, even a small simple gift or your sincere care can change someone’s life forever.

Well, when he becomes a professional athlete, I think he’ll not forget about those people who helped him when he was going through a tough time and if you also wish him good luck in ambition, you can like this article and do not forget to share it with your friends.

Write your opinions in the comments section below, when a kid wants to succeed as bad as they want to breathe, they’ll be successful.

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