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FA Cup

What fans are saying about Kovacic after FA Cup game against Manchester United


One of the most underrated midfielders. Comfortably adapts to any system and midfield role and still performs. Sublime ball-carrying, operates in extremely tight situations, yet always seems to find space. Ran the show today in midfield today. Matteo Kovacic 👏 #CF


Mateo was the same at Madrid too - which is why many were upset he left. Just too hard to break past Kroos and Modric.

Mateo was already worldclass IMO he just didn't get as much time as he's getting now.


Solid footballer, I still get amazed at some of the speed bursts he does. Quick midfielder.


Kova is pure magic especially when under the press. What a player!


Think we’re going to have to do a separate tactical analysis just for Mateo Kovačić


He's the difference maker today, bringing the ball up like it's nothing 👏 and defending well too


Absolute class player. Didn't look all that in his first season over here due to his role. Lampard definitely got this one right!


Summary of todays game..

- Kovacic & Jorginho pocketed Bruno

- Reece James the best English RB on the pitch

- Giroud at 33 is a better ST than most

- Mount & Willian dont have a off button

- Lampard tactically bullied Ole

- Dominance

Another final for Chelsea..


Nobody will mention Jorginho because he did nothing wrong and it won’t get likes. Kovacic has been unplayable because of the freedom he’s offered him.

Kovačić another cruise performance in yet another system he has had to adapt to as well, what a fucking player he is man.

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