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FIFA Planning to Make the Offside Rule Automated --- Arsene Wenger

FIFA have taken innovations in football to another level by planning to revolutionize the offside rule. Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has said the decision will be automatic and revealed that it could happen in 2022.

Following a huge complaints about offside goals that trailed the just concluded European Nations League, FIFA are now looking to effect another major change to the game, which will help to finally eliminate the human error often committed in offside decisions.

Arsene Wenger, FIFA's Head of Global Football Development favours the offside decisions to become completely automated, thereby sidelining the decision from the assistant referee or linesmen.

According to the frenchman at a press conference in Paris, there are a lot of possibilities. 

"I have to keep things secret, but there will be a big evolution in refereeing," Wenger said.

He went further, "Everything is under study. Through technology, we can even determine if a decision of five or six centimetres is offside or not," he added.

Kylian Mbappe's winning goal late in the second half for France against Spain in the Nations League Final on Sunday has added to the criticism of the current offside laws and the regular controversy it is causing in football.

VAR has also failed to help to solve the problem which has made the Premier League to start experimenting with different thicknesses in the lines they draw to put a stop to the controversy and debates.

FIFA are thinking of putting an effective tool in place by 2022 which will allow the offside decisions to be automated. 

They also plan to test the innovation and approve it in 2022. This, according to FIFA could then be implemented at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

However, the change, if it goes through, may not take full effect by 2022 due to the fact that changes are usually ratified in March for implementation the following year. That means 2023 is the most likely year for the world of soccer to witness the new development.

Is it a good development? What do you think?

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