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UEFA Champions League

Please Pray For Messi And Barca, For They Could Be In Trouble- See 6 Teams They Might Face In The CL

According to some statistical data, FC Barcelona are among the top 10 clubs in the world with the highest fan base, they are one of the clubs in the world whose fans are as numerous as anything. If I am not wrong, then this numerous fan base are as a result of the presence of Lionel Messi in the club. So now, imagine how millions of fans would feel when something bad or terrible happens to either Messi or Barcelona, or even both, imagine how millions of fans all over the world would feel when either Messi or Barcelona is being disgraced. This is why I said you should please pray for Messi and Barca, because what I want to share with you in this article is something that could bring shame to both of them. Please read on.The Champions league group stage matches were completed yesterday, and so in few days from today, the fixtures for the Champions league round of 16 matches would be decided. However prior to then, there are already 6 teams/clubs which people have predicted that Barcelona are likely to face in the CL, these 6 teams are not small teams neither are they struggling teams like Barcelona, and this is why I said they could be in trouble. If they should face of these 6 teams, there are high chances that they would be knocked out from the competition. See the 6 teams below;1) Chelsea: Chelsea is currently one of the strongest teams both in England and in Europe, and to this regard, they should be feared. So far in the Champions league, they have 4 wins, 2 draws, 0 loss, 14 goals scored, and 2 goals conceded. With the current form of FC Barcelona, they might not stand a chance against Chelsea, even though Chelsea has lost to them 6 times out of the 17 times they have played since history.2) Manchester City: Out of the 6 times Man City has played against Barcelona, they have defeated Barcelona only once. If they should meet again, then it might become twice, because the current Barcelona squad can't stand against the squad of Pep's boys. So far in the CL, Man City has 5 wins, 1 draw, 0 loss, 13 goals scored and 1 goal conceded. Wowww!!!3) Bayern Munich: The last time these two played against each other would forever be remembered by all and sundry, because it was a match where Barcelona was literally torn to pieces. They are likely to face each other again, and I wonder how Barcelona would defeat such team that has scored 18 goals and conceded just 5 goals in this Champions league.4) PSG: Imagine scenes where the best players in Barcelona; only Messi, would be playing against the best players in PSG; Mbappe, Neymar, Di María etc, It would be pure finishing from PSG to Barcelona. Their prayer if they should be playing against PSG shout be that, Neymar sustains an injury and that Mbappe traveled to attend a wedding, etc.5) Liverpool: Liverpool has lost to Barcelona only 2 times out of the 8 times they have faced each other. They are currently the best team in England, and they could prove this by once again defeating Barcelona, after defeating them last year at Anfield6) Borrusia Dortmund: These are one of the best teams both in Germany and in Europe. They have lost to Barcelona only once out of the 2 times they have played against each other. If God should want to save Messi and Barcelona, then Barcelona is likely to play against Dortmund, for they look the least strongest among other teamsSo please, don't fail to pray for both Messi and Barcelona, that's if you truly love them and if you're a fan of them. Tell us your thoughts and opinions concerning this, tell us which team you think is best for Barcelona? Tell us which of these teams Barcelona should completely avoid. Please follow me for more, don't forget to like and share please.

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