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TACTICAL ANALYSIS: How Manchester United Can Defeat Liverpool Today

Winning against Liverpool is never easy, as the team will need to be top of their game to get three points. Quality wise, Manchester United have the capacity to compete with Liverpool, but tactical wise, Jürgen Klopp is way above Olè Solskjaer. But there is one tactical way Solskjaer can get the better of Klopp today.

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Solskjaer's failure of having a clear plan has seen Manchester United performing below par in some games this season despite having world-class players in their team. I know United do perform well in big game, but given Liverpool form this season, it is very difficult to imagine Manchester United getting a point in this game, but with a proper tactic and a clear plan, who knows, the reverse may be the case.

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From a tactical point of view, Manchester United can defeat the reds if Solskjaer can implement these three tactics.

1. Using A Good Line-up

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We know Solskjaer to be a manager, who is fond of putting up an underwhelming starting line-up in games. This constant mistakes in the choosing his starting line-up has cost Manchester United valuable points since he became coach. So the first step today towards getting a win, is for the coach to put up a good line-up. In my opinion, I would say he should use the same frontline, who finished the Atalanta game, and then use fast midfielders, who can keep up with the pace of the fast football of Liverpool. The starting line-up below should do the trick today;

De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, McTomminay, Fred, Fernandes, Greenwood, Cavani, Ronaldo

Much later in the game, Sancho can come in for Greenwood, Pogba for McTomminay, then Martial for Cavani.

2. Man Marking Mohamed Salah

Photo Credit: Evening Standard

During Mourinho's time at Old Trafford, there is one tactic which he used in the match against Chelsea in 2016/17 season that worked. He assigned Herrera to man mark Eden Hazard in that game, and the tactics really worked, as United ended up winning the game, with Hazard ineffective in that game. I think Solskjaer should use that tactics on Mohamed Salah today. The Egyptian is considered as the best winger in the Premier League now because of his attacking prowess. A greater part of Liverpool attacks comes from him, and I think assigning a player like McTomminay to man-mark may actually shut him down today.

3. The Use Of Long Balls

Surprising the opponent with a different tactic with one you are known for is sometimes the first step to victory (As we saw in the Arsenal match against Aston Villa, where Arteta used 4-4-2).

United in 2015 season

During the time of Alex Ferguson, one of Manchester United's identity is the use of long balls in crucial moments of a game. Under Solskjaer, this identity seem lost, but when he used it towards the end of the Atalanta game, it resulted in two crucial match winning goals. I think Olè should use the old way today, and who knows, it may work wonders.

4. Pressuring The Liverpool Midfielders

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It is well-known that Liverpool use their wingers for their goals, but we should not neglect the fact that, it is the midfielders, who actually do the dirty works first before passing the ball to the wingers. So, putting pressure on the midfielder and restricting them from playing freely may work wonders.

5. Stopping Arnold And Robertson from whipping in crosses.

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The Liverpool left-back and right-back are considered as two of the most dangerous men in their team. They have produced goal scoring chances in many games they have played. Restricting them from playing those crosses may just be the first step to victory for United. To achieve this, the United midfielders will have to put extra work by helping out their defenders in the game.

As we anticipate the match, I think these tactical approach will deliver three points to Manchester United.

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