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Where Barcelona got it all wrong before the inception 2021/22 campaign

The Catalan giants have been bedevilled by many crises consequents to the beginning of the ravaging pandemic in 2020. This is one of the hiccups that have trailed them at Nou Camp, which affect them both on and off the pitch. The exit of their henchman, Lionel Messi was the last straw that broke the camel's back.

Aside from all these stop-gaps, which pushed the five-time UEFA Champions League winners to an unprecedented post-Messi era, the management of the club took some drastic decisions that affected its normalcy and smooth runnings in all areas.

In the latest one which they found themselves in which I believe the Spanish club has reached its stage of the rebuilding process after the departure of their hero to France. Apart from that, the Ronald Koeman led side had fair performance in their deals in the Spanish La Liga, as they had three wins, 3 draws and one defeat. The recent upset was against Atletico de Madrid at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano, where Deigo Simeone's side defeated Barca, a 2-0 win against Luis Suarez and Thomas Lemar. But, in Europe, as per the UCL, they were underwhelming, as the fall before Bayern Munich and Benefica questions the potency of Koeman

In the last two years, the Spanish side made some decisions that adversely affected the young team. The club has been parading some new faces as Sergio Busquet and Gerard Pique are the experienced player who is at Nou Camp, but Barca got it wrong in selling Suarez, some important players for old legs like Sergio Aguero and the likes, knowing that Messi will be going on a free transfer. If the squad need a serious rebuild, Aguero should not be bought to Spain. 

Sergio Aguero

The financial downturn of the club also affected the club, as it's in debt of 1.2 billion euros due to the COVID-19. The sale of Messi as a free agent to France had its effect on the Spanish side too.

Lionel Messi

Before the start of the season, the wage cap limit was fixed at 2.33 billion euros which were already 610 million euros less than the last year. However, due to the need for more readjustments, the huge amount had to be reduced more which now stands at 2.24 billion euros, but Barca could not keep to that rule. Thus, upon the verge of his transfer contract renewal- the old contract was set to expire in July 2021, the La Liga Salary Cap rule ruined Barca's chances of keeping Messi.

All these decisions which in a way had side effects on the club birthed to management crisis at Nou Camp. The only way for improvement is to give the Koeman time to rig the squad which aligns with the club's president, Juan Laporta' terms not to relieve the Dutchman of his duties as opposed to some rumours of bringing Italy's Andrea Pirlo to Spain. Going back to the drawing board, crossing the t's and i's is the lasting solution 

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