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3 Things That Will Happen If Barcelona Appoints A New Manager Next Season (Opinion)

The 2019/2020 La Liga season, has been won by the eternal rivals of Barcelona, in the most unexpected of ways.

This season title race, had Barcelona hands firmly wrapped around it but for inconsistency and some certain causes that allowed Real Madrid to snatch the title away.

One of the cause for the shocking capitulation and surrending of the La Liga title, has been traced to poor management regarding the tactics, and on field support.

Quique Seiten the current coach of Barcelona, is in the centre of the storm and looks likely to be given his marching orders out of the club, when the season finally ends.

That is why, every Barcelona fan should look forward to these three things if the Catalan club appoints a new manager next season.

1.A Manager Tasked With Rebuilding From The Scratch

It is safe for all of us to agree that this season, Barcelona has not been the strongest of side, isn't it?

They have looked out of place, and lack that much needed vigour expected of a team, that wants to compete for trophies.

When half of the first team players, are in their 30s and their most recent signings is within that age range, you know the situation and future of the club is in a dire state.

Appointing a new manager next season, is expected to begin the start of a rebuilding project for Barcelona from the very scratch, as they seek to wrestle the La Liga title away from Real Madrid.

In simple words, new manager means a fresh restart for the club.

2.Significant Overhaul And Exodus Of Players

How many times, have Barcelona fans asked for a new injection of hungry players into the club? Countless, isn't it?

Hence why, part of the revolution and rebuilding project that would be given to a new manager, is expected to affect some current crop of players.

If Barcelona appoints a new manager, who will most likely have the support of the Board management, then the old and underperforming players could suffer an exit.

The reason why, this simple event can happen is by taking a close look at the revolutionary dominance of Pep Guardiola, when he was the manager where nearly all of the former players, and superstars left the team.

3.Lionel Messi Will Still Play A Big Role In Any New Manager Plans

Even though, there is no certainty that Barcelona will appoint a new manager next season, but the fact remains that Argentinian maestro, Lionel Messi will still feature in any of the plans of the manager.

Messi at 33 years old, can still offer and provide more exceptional services for couple of years to come, provided his body treats him well.

Which manager in his right mind, would want to let go of a player like Messi? Absolutely impossible, don't you agree?

If Barcelona appoints a new manager next season, it is expected that the Argentina captain will play a pivotal role, in helping to forge a new future for a club desperately in need of a revival.

Would you want to see a new manager at Barcelona next season?

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