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La Liga

The two most successful coaches in Real Madrid's history

The two most successful coaches in Real Madrid's history.

Pep Guardiola's reign at Barcelona is legendary, but Zinedine Zidane is closing in on his trophy count.

Zinedine Zidane has now won 11 trophies in just 209 matches. The most trophies out of any coach since the 2016 season.Β 

Never doubt Zidane. He was a legend as a player & now a legend as a manager.

πŸ† 1932

πŸ† 1933

πŸ† 1954

πŸ† 1955

πŸ† 1957

πŸ† 1958

πŸ† 1961

πŸ† 1962

πŸ† 1963

πŸ† 1964

πŸ† 1965

πŸ† 1967

πŸ† 1968

πŸ† 1969

πŸ† 1972

πŸ† 1975

πŸ† 1976

πŸ† 1978

πŸ† 1979

πŸ† 1980

πŸ† 1986

πŸ† 1987

πŸ† 1988

πŸ† 1989

πŸ† 1990

πŸ† 1995

πŸ† 1997

πŸ† 2001

πŸ† 2003

πŸ† 2007

πŸ† 2008

πŸ† 2012

πŸ† 2017

πŸ† 2020


Karim Benzema has been the best player in LaLiga this season.

⚽️ For his goals.

🎯 For his assists.

βš’οΈ For his hard work.

✨ For his quality.

πŸ’œ For his 11 years of service.

πŸ† Sergio Ramos was one of the main reasons why Real Madrid has won the league title this season.

Gracias, El Capitano <3

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