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Reece James and Tammy Abraham have both turned their Instagram comments off due to insult

Reece James and Tammy Abraham have both turned their Instagram comments off due to all the abuse they’ve been receiving. 

It’s honestly disgusting, Chelsea fans have been asking for years for youth to come through and now there are and some of our fans are abusing them? It’s fine to criticise if they have a bad game but not hate and abuse. They will have bad games as they’re still young and are learning. 

Hudson-Odoi and Mount have also received a lot of abuse as well. There are others but these are the main 4 that has received the most. Tammy Abraham is being treated like the worst striker in the world despite having 14 Premier League goals. Reece James, not long fans were praising and even calling him a generational talent. But just because he hasn’t been as good recently all of a sudden he is a bad player? 

Hudson-Odoi seems to just get hate for the money he is on which isn’t fair and has had a big injury but fans expect miracles. CHO will get back to his best but needs time, when he came on yesterday we saw a glimpse of his talent and hopefully, he can build on that. 

Mason Mount seems to get hate just because Lampard has used him a lot, recently he hasn’t got as much hate as he has done really well. But as soon as he has a bad game, I can guarantee some fans will turn on him again. 

It’s honestly not right. As I said criticism is fine but abuse and hate aren’t and fans need to learn the difference. These players are just like we fans and love Chelsea so give them the support they need and they’ll reach the potential that they’re capable of. 

Reece James and Tammy Abraham shouldn’t have to turn their comments off, it’s just wrong. They are human beings and have feelings and people should remember that

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