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WWE: 10 Incredible Matches Between Brock Lesnar And John Cena

Without a doubt, John Cena and Brock Lesnar are the biggest names we have in the WWE industry. These two stars are in the list of the most toughest wrestlers in WWE. Apart from their achievements and wrestling abilities, these two have had great matches in the ring as they have been seen as great rivalries since Cena came into the game.

There are many matches in WWE but with no doubt, Cena and Brock matches have made the industry to be a great entertainment and no one would want to miss another match between these two. Most of the matches between John and Brock have been highlighted in this article.

10. SmackDown (September 19, 2002)

This was the first match between Lesnar and Cena and it was also the start of their rivalry. This match on Smackdown was a pretty boring one but there should be no surprise there since it was the first time they stepped into the ring to wrestle against each other.

Lesnar was ahead of Cena in development and he toyed around with Cena during the match. Cena tried to fight back with aggressiveness but Brock turned the tables and hit Cena with the F5 for the victory. 

9. SmackDown (February 13, 2003)

Cena made an impressive performance in this match. This was actually the second match between these two. The face of WWE never stayed down despite the fact that Brock was trying to. 

However, Cena's effort was to no avail when Brock delivered an F5 to Cena for the 3 count. 

8. SmackDown (November 13, 2003)

In this match, Cena teamed up with Chris Benoit to take on Lesnar and Big Show. Cena, at that time, had suffered quite a number of losses against Brock but succeeded to have a victory in this tag team match.

Although Brock wasn't pinned, Cena and Chris still won the match. After being tagged by Chris, Cena knocked out Big Show with his chain for the three count.

7. WWE Backlash (2003)

This match was also a bizarre one as Lesnar was defending his WWE title against Cena. Being the first PPV match against these two, Cena showed no sign of strength. At that time, Brock was at the top of WWE while Cena was at a low level.

As expected, Brock ended the match by delivering a one-sided F5 to John for the pinfall.

6. SmackDown (February 12, 2004)

On the Smackdown edition of WWE in February 12, 2004, Cena had another tag team match against Lesnar and Big Show, but this time, Eddie Guerrero was his tag partner.

This match was quite interesting but the rivalry in the match was centered at Brock and Eddie. Eddie went with the low-blow to Lesnar and also used Cena's chain to eventually capture a victory against Brock via pin fall.

5. SmackDown (January 22, 2004)

Another team match with Cena and Benoit being partners. This was a three on two handicap match as Lesnar teamed up with Rhyno and Matt Morgan.

There was nothing special about this match as Cena was dominated by Brock at the early minutes of the match. Cena made a tag without hesitation and the match went on for some while before Rhyno was finally pinned by Cena who delivered the 'AA' for the win.

4. Extreme Rules (2012)

Lesnar left WWE for some reason and later returned in 2012 to take on John Cena at Extreme Rules in a match that is counted to be one the bloodiest matches that has occurred in the squared ring.

Cena suffered a lot of brutal attacks but later turned the match around with the help of his chain and a massive "AA" on the steel steps to capture a pin fall victory on Lesnar.

3. SummerSlam (2014)

Cena had never been man-handled in WWE through out his career, but at SummerSlam 2014, Cena was not just man-handled by the beast, he also lost his WWE championship.

Cena received about 15 suplexes and 3 "F5s" in that horror match but kept on fighting trying to live by his motto, "never give up"

Lesnar escaped from an "FTS" and also kicked out from two "AAs" to eventually hit the F5 and win the WWE Championship from Cena.

2. Night Of Champions (2014)

After Lesnar took Cena to school at SummerSlam, Cena decided to repeat class and show Brock who the face of WWE was. John took the fight to the beast and was already on the road to slaying him also, but Seth Rollins, who was "Mr. Money in the Bank" at that time, came to the rescue.

The match ended in disqualification and with Lesnar still the WWE Champion.

1. Royal Rumble (2015)

John Cena wasn't happy with the result at Night of Champions when Seth Rollins interrupted his chance of slaying the beast.

At Royal Rumble 2015, Cena had a chance to capture his WWE title back and to also get his hands on Seth but unfortunately, Cena disappointed everyone by letting Brock win that match.

This was the last match between the two rivals and it was an intense one. Lesnar was sent through the table but regained his strength to continue the match and eventually, win the match by hitting an "F5" on Rollins for the three count.

Who is your favorite?

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