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How Pochettino is still trying to get the best out of his PSG attacking trio.

Paris Saint-Germains Attack of Trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kyler Mbappe, otherwise known as MNM, still should not be eliminated, which frustrates those of the French capital.

The three have already shown brilliance flashes this season, with Messi, especially in the lateral support of him in a 2-0 victory over the city of Manchester in the Champions League, but the trio has not mixed well when they play together. Six times, Winner Dor Winner, Lionel Messi has already addressed the problem. It's something that will come, of course, as long as we continue together.

Messi said. We still learn to know each other. I've met Ney for a long time, as well as angel di Maria, but I only played in a small number of games and training sessions next to MB caps, as we spend more time, we will be more time than going back a squadron. PSGs 0-0 drawing with Marseille on Sunday revealed how much the trio fights to play together.

Although on the PSG side was tagged as ghosts and have the worst number of these attacks trio season, a target and two assists so far, Pochettino defended the progress after the pages based on Marseille. I'm happy with the game you played, said Pochettino. He has a great effort for the team.

Despite his coaches, the calming words, Neymar has made no drop successfully, and only a shot was taken in the target. It is Pochettino to get the best of Messi, rather than get Direct Reviews like Neymar, Messis Critics tend to focus on his coach, and when Pochettino gets the best of the Argentina.

Many have pointed out that he has a failed start of his season in France, as he did not register so many goals, as it had now been at Barcelona. However, No. 30 received most contacts in the ball (76), most shots (4) and most attempts (5) shots against Marseille. The French newspaper LeQuipe has underlined the problem as Messi moves in the flanks, but rather than get options from their teammates, everything they receive is space.

The former Mónaco star has a season of heights and depths after being asked in summer to PSG, a movement to Real Madrid. It started in a fantastic way with four goals and three assistants. However, he was recently without a goal in his last four phenomena of Ligue 1. However, it is still the MNM member with the best statistics: six goals and six relatives.

Against RB Leipzig in the Champions League, Mbappe played well and opened the score as well as the support of the Messis gate No.7, however, lost a punishment in the closed minutes of the tie after Messi had given him the ball while he received in a hat trick. The French detected the Hold Messi in a team, as he has already praised the Argentina.

I'm happy to race when Messi go for a walk, no problem It's Messi If you play with great players, you have to make sacrifices, Mbappe said. They are not alone, we are a group and everything we want is to win.

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