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FIFA World Cup

Brazil vs Germany football matches, games beyond sporting entertainment.


24th July 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup  

Brazil 4 Germany 0

3rd June 2002 FIFA World Cup

Brazil 2 Germany 0

7th September 2004 International Friendly

Brazil 1 Germany 1

8th July 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil 1 Germany 7

It took Germany a match to cancel out goals scored in three meetings with Brazil. It doesn't matter how many times you fail, Keep trying, history is made by man and history is broken by man. It will only take a day and all your sorrows will turn to joy. Don't give up!

To the Brazilian fans 8th July 2014 was yet another day to jubilate and the Germans were expected to go home crying but to their greatest disappointment even home advantage could not save them the spanking by the German Machines. It doesn't matter the ground upon which your intellectual artistry - (technical knowhow and experience) is to be put to test, all you need is that confidence, believing that yesterday is gone, today has begun. Let every wound inflicted by history be healed, so that you will be strong to face the present challenge.

Brazil will never see Germany as a walkover again because the Germans have proven not be one. Prove your worth by positive actions not in words.

You are super-useful.

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