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3 Players Who Lost Their Forms While Playing Alongside Ronaldo As Teammates

Cristiano Ronaldo is gradually becoming an enigma in the world of football to the extent that anywhere he goes things are happening and news is made. Ronaldo has been on the headlines for several reasons just as news creators pick from the angle that seems lucrative and interesting to them.

Nevertheless, Ronaldo is no doubt a household name and a news source that can never be ignored at any time. Ronaldo is an influential footballer anyway but to what effect and extent has his influence been on his teammates? Truly, no individual would be loved by everyone without any exception regardless of how good and influential he may be.

Some players are aspiring and longing for the fulfillment of a long-time dream of being in the same team with the world-class Cristiano Ronaldo. Can we then say that there would be other players who would detest playing alongside Ronaldo for one reason or the other?

In this write-up, we shall be considering 3 Players Who Lost Their Forms While Playing Alongside Ronaldo As Teammates.

It has been noticed that Ronaldo's presence in some Clubs has negatively affected some players as they were seen to lose the brilliant performance they were proud of in the pre-Ronaldo period.

The first player on this list is KARIM BENZEMA. It should be noted that while Ronaldo played in the La Liga for Real Madrid, he was able to perform excellently well scoring over 400 goals while his spell lasted with the club. This feat was achieved at the expense of the Frenchman, Karim Benzema.

As soon as Ronaldo left Real Madrid, Benzema regained his form and he has scored a couple of goals total over a hundred with a good number of assists. This proved that playing alongside Ronaldo was a big issue for Benzema to the extent of losing his form.

The second player on this list of players who lost their forms while playing alongside Ronaldo as teammates is PAULO DYBALA.

It could be said of Dybala that he was performing greatly for Juventus in the pre-Ronaldo era. Dybala was nowhere to be found as soon as Ronaldo arrived at Juventus taking the shine off him for the entire period of his stay at the club. However, Dybala regained his rhythm immediately after Ronaldo left the scene for him at the tail end of the summer transfer window of the 2021/22 season.

The last player on this list of players who suffered from what can be called Ronaldo's supremacy is MASON GREENWOOD.

It should be noted that Greenwood is one of the young players at Manchester United who was performing excellently well before Ronaldo joined the Red Devils for his second spell at Old Trafford.

Greenwood had already scored about 3 goals for United in his pre-Ronaldo period but he seems to have lost his brilliant form while Ronaldo has taken the centre stage. Greenwood has been a shadow of himself not until the last game of the Red Devils where he netted a goal in the 4-2 loss to Leicester City.

Does this mean that Greenwood has regained his lost form? Time will tell whether playing alongside Ronaldo would be a blessing for him or not.

Do you think that Ronaldo took the shine off these players listed above while they played alongside him as his teammates?

Kindly share and drop your opinion below.

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