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IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary Results: Winners, Grades, And Video Highlights

Slammiversary is finally here, and IMPACT Wrestling delivered on some fantastic surprises! Former world champions, former X-Division and Tag Team Champions, and some new faces to the land of IMPACT.

Tonight, we would crown a new IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. However, who would be the fourth man in the Slammiversary main event? There was a lot to get to in this stacked seven-match card.

We kicked off Slammiversary with the open challenge by The Rascals. With the announcement of the Good Brothers signing to IMPACT Wrestling this morning, most assumed they'd be the ones facing Wentz and Dez.

However, at Slammiversary, we saw the incredible return of the legendary Motor City Machine Guns Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley!

Slammiversary Open Challenge: The Rascals vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Wentz and Shelley started the match, with it looking like a stalemate early on. Dez and Chris Sabin tagged in, leading Sabin getting first blood with a clothesline. Dez responded with a hurricanrana that launched Sabin to the floor.

Alex Shelley tried to break up the dive, but was instead lit up by The Rascalz with a fantastic kicking combination. Sabin rolled back in for the same treatment, nearly getting pinned by Wentz. A picture perfect standing dropkick put Sabin down for two. Dez and Wentz tagged in and out, hitting a series of tope atomicos on the former X-Division Champion.

A distraction from Shelley allowed Sabin to rock Wentz with a dropkick in the ropes. Shelley held him for a punt on the floor. Dez met the same fate, as The Guns left The Rascalz in a heap on the floor. From here, the Motor City Machine Guns absolutely dominated Wentz, as a series of double team maneuvers left him far away from his corner and fighting on fumes.

Wentz was able to create some separation with a handspring enziguri, sending Shelley to the corner. Sabin tagged in but couldn't stop Dez from getting in the match as well. A striking combination set up Dez for a stunning standing dropkick. He used a kneeling Sabin to leap off and knock Shelley off the apron.

Shelley made the save on Sabin, but The Rascalz sent both members of the former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions to opposite corners, taking it to them with a pair of launching missile dropkicks. Shelley was hit with a backbreaker/double stomp, but Sabin broke up the pinfall.

Wentz set up for a Swanton but was blocked by Shelley's knees. Dez tagged in and got turned inside out with a German suplex. Sabin was back in and caught a dazed Dez with a missile dropkick to the back of the neck.

Dez was hit with a superkick/forearm combo, leading to another close call. Luckily for The Rascalz, Wentz drove Shelley onto Sabin, breaking up the pin. The Guns lit up Wentz a series of running dropkicks.

Dez was finished off with the AFCS Rush and The Death Bomb, giving The Motor City Machine Guns an excellent victory in their return to IMPACT Wrestling at Slammiversary.

Results: The Motor Citey Machine Guns defeated The Rascalz via pinfall at Slammiverasry.

Grade: A

The Motor City Machine Guns are back, and one has to wonder if they'll be watching the Tag Team Title match on Slammiversary tonight..

Backstage, John E. Bravo was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Both Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary expected him to help them win the Slammiversary Gauntlet Battle Royal tonight..

Next up is the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match. Moose has angered the Hardcore Legend Tommy Dreamer, lighting a fire under him we haven't seen in some time. Can Dreamer overcome the odds and finally shut Moose up? Or will Moose continue to parade around as the "Real World's Champion" at Slammiversary

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Tommy Dreamer vs Moose (c) on Slammiversary

Moose manhandled Tommy Dreamer at the start, running through his challenger with brute force and speed. However, once Dreamer fell to the floor, he earned te advantage with some weaponry at Slammiversary.

Trash cans and a jersey choke put a stop to Moose's run momentarily, but he was able to respond with an atomic drop on the barricade. After a shot to the back with a steel chair, Moose brought Dreamer down on the ramp with a suplex.

Moose pelted Dreamer with a kendo stick, but Dreamer was able to turn one of those shots into a White Russian Legsweep. Setting up for a diving kendo strike, Moose countered with a dropkick, leaving a boot print on the face of the former ECW Champion.

With Dreamer set up in a trash can, another running dropkick connected. Dreamer struggled to get to his feet, trying to use the dented can to hoist himself up. Moose looked to finish the job with a springboard crossbody off the ringpost, but Dreamer countered into a cutter on the trash can! Somehow, Moose kicked out!

As he was set up on a sitting chair, Moose managed to drop Dreamer on the it, cracking his jaw. A pile of chairs were brought in the ring for a piledriver, but Dreamer countered. Dreamer attempted the Dreamer DDT, only to get dropped in the steel with a standing uranage slam. A standing moonsault nearly got the win.

A second rope moonsault, though, missed, and Dreamer finally hit the Dreamer DDT. Moose, though, still kicked out! Dreamer brought out the tacks, a classic staple in these Old School Matches. His piledriver, though, was countered with a low blow. Moose then bounced his face off the mat, sending him into the thumbtacks..

With that, the Lights Out Spear put Dreamer away at Slammiversary.

Results: Moose defeated Tommy Dreamer via pinfall at Slammiversary

Grade: B+

Backstage at Slammiversary, Gia Miller was awaiting the arrival of the Good Brothers. Johnny Swinger, though, pulled up in their rent-a-car, believing that it was for Ole Anderson, not Karl Anderson.

Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae were the first two in the bout at Slammiversary. Steelz hit a springboard hurricanrana, but Rae hit a handstand, rolling out of harm's way. As they continued to fight on, Taya Valkyrie's music hit. However, it wasn't Valkyrie, but John E. Bravo dressed as Wera Loca.

Rae and Steelz weren't too pleased and dumped him over the rope. It was stated that "Taya Valkyrie" was eliminated. Kimber Lee joined the match next and caught Kylie Rae mid-tilt-a-whirl for a sidewalk slam. A backbreaker left Steelz writhing in the corner.

Tasha Steelz' tag team partner Kiera Hogan was next, and the Girl on Fire knocked Rae out. As the duo began taking over the show, Susie rolled in to save Kylie Rae. A series of palm strikes pelted Steelz, Hogan, and Lee.

Steelz was nearly knocked off the top rope with a running palm strike, but she held on. She fought off the Arachnarana, only to be blasted with a superkick from Rae, giving us the first real elimination of the night.

Katie Forbes made a surprise return to the ring tonight, and took down Rae, Lee, and Susie. Hogan tried to appeal to her senses, leading to a twerk off between the two.

The Queen Bee Madison Rayne came in next, showing little to no ring rust. She cleaned house, but was distracted by her former frenemy, Kiera Hogan. This led to a forearm trade between the two, with Hogan getting the better of the five-time Knockouts Champion.

The Kaiju Queen then came down the ramp, running through everyone that stood in her way. Forbes, Lee, Hogan, Susie, and Rae were dominated, though not eliminated. Madison Rayne made the smart decision of not getting involved with Havok at Slammiversary.

Taya Valkyrie actually came out this time, and set her sights on Katie Forbes. She managed to eliminate her just in time for Alisha Edwards to come in. Edwards delivered a tornado DDT on Taya but was then tossed by Havok into Kylie Rae.

Havok's tag team partner Nevaeh rolled in, giving Havok some time to breath while she ran through the competition. A backbreaker/roundhouse combination took Alisha down. The Demon Assassin Rosemary was the next competitor, and ducked a double clothesline from Havok and Nevaeh to spear Susie at Slammiversary..

Rosemary watched Valkyrie's back as she eliminated Susie. John E. Bravo, now dressed as Rosemary, made a fool of himself and everyone he held dear, but managed to eliminate Havok. Rae tossed him out once again, and eliminated the Queen Bee as well.

Eventually, the field was wittled down to Kylie Rae, Kimber Lee, Rosemary, and Taya Valkyrie. A wheelbarrow cutter stunned Lee, allowing Rae to eliminate her. Still, this left the numbers game in the favor of Rosemary and Valkyrie. Rosemary trapped Rae in the Upside Down, but Valkyrie took advantage of the situation, knocking Rosemary to the floor at Slammiversary.

With that, the ref slid in the ring, meaning that the winner of this match must be decided by pinfall or submission. Rae shocked Valkyrie with a Canadian Destroyer and a superkick, making Rae the new No.1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary.

Results: Kylie Rae crowned #1 Contender at Slammiversary

Grade: C+

Before the next match, Heath Miller rolled in the ring. He claimed that he was going to be the fourth man in the IMPACT World Championship match in the main event of Slammiversary. He warned the locker room of what was to come, but was interrupted by Rohit Raju at Slammiversary.

The Desi Hit Man called out Heath for all of his failures at Slammiversary, and looked to make an example of all of "them" who were coming to take roster spots from IMPACT Wrestling stars.

X-Division Championship Match: Chris Bey vs Willie Mack (c) at Slammiversary

Chris Bey and Willie Mack traded arm drags, leading to a knee press from Mack. Bey avoided a dive from the champion and dropped him face-first on the apron. Mack avoided a wrecking ball dropkick and hit a leaping neckbreaker off the apron, driving Bey's head into the floor below, dominating Bey in the opening moments of their Slammiversary bout.

Back in the ring, a standing moonsault gave Mack a two-count. A devastating roundhouse at the top dazed Bey, but he was able to block a superplex from Mack. Bey couldn't hit a sunset flip bomb but was able to hang Mack up in the corner for a slingshot corkscrew neckbreaker.

A swinging neckbreaker dropped Mack for the two. Bey moved up for a flying flatliner only to get planted with a sky-high spinebuster from Willie Mack. A big clothesline turned Bey inside out. Mack followed that up with some corner clotheslines and the cannonball senton in the corner.

Bey, somehow, had enough to counter an exploder with a roll-up. Mack kicked out and escaped a Beymasser attempt, dropping Bey head-first in the corner with the exploder. Bey complained about his neck, playing possum to send Mack into the corner for a fantastic shotgun dropkick. A Code Red nearly put Mack away.

Mack caught Bey with the Stunner, but the Six-Star Frog Splash failed to connect. Bey, after turning the ref around, poked Mack in the eyes. A springboard cutter drove Mack right into the mat, crowning a new X-Division Champion at Slammiversary.

Results: Chris Bey defeated Willie Mack via pinfall at Slammiversary.

Grade: A+

Heath was celebrating backstage, and even met his best friend Rhino. However, they were interrupted by Scott D'Amore, who said that, unfortunately, Heath doesn't work here and told him to leave at Slammiversary. He's a free agent, and this is a closed set thanks to COVID.

Rhino told Heath not to worry and to come back Tuesday. He'll get his friend a job one way or another.

IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock vs The North (c) at Slammiversary

Josh Alexander and Ken Shamrock started the match at Slammiversary with an insane mat-based brawl, trading blows and submission holds. Shamrock locked in the ankle lock, but Alexander was able to grab the ropes at Slammiversary.

Sami Callihan tagged in and took the fight to Alexander. Ethan Page was in next, but Callihan was able to send both champions into one another, knocking Alexander to the floor. Page was left in the corner of the World's Most Dangerous Tag Team. Callihan never let up, even bringing out the JYD headbutt. A DDT from Shamrock spiked Page.

Page moved to the floor to create some space and made it to Josh Alexander, who lit up the future Hall of Famer. With Alexander back in, the Walking Weapon traded blows with the former UFC Champion. As soon as Page came back in, The North lost control, with Shamrock laying them out with a double clothesline.

Callihan tagged in and spiked Page with a brainbuster. 1-2-no! Page kicked out at two. The North took back over when they managed to trap Callihan in their corner. Callihan stunned Page, but All-Ego, in an old-school move, fell in between Callihan and Shamrock, managing to keep them cut off from one another.

Page and Callihan hit a pair of boots on one another, leading to both men tagging out. Ken Shamrock sent Page to the floor and took Alexander over with a powerslam. Callihan came in for the Cactus Special.

Alexander escaped and tagged in Page for a double spinebuster. Callihan kicked out at two. Callihan, again, escaped to his partner. Ken Shamrock sent Josh Alexander over the ropes with an exploder suplex.

Ethan Page dropped Callihan with a roundhouse, and looked for another one on Shamrock. Alexander and Shamrock tied up Page and Callihan with ankle locks. Callihan escaped, and Shamrock went after Alexander.

Page launched Callihan into Shamrock, who assumed Callihan did it on purpose. Several more moments of miscommunication allowed The North to take advantage of their poor teamwork.

Shamrock followed Josh Alexander to the top and launched him across the ring with a top rope belly to belly! Page shoved Alexander out of the way of a dive from Shamrock, causing him to crash and burn. Back inside the ring, The North planted him with the Monster Mash. Sami Callihan barely failed to break up the pinfall at Slammiversary.

Results: The North defeated Shamrock & Callihan via pinfall at Slammiversary.

Grade: B+

After the match at Slammiversary, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander were furious about the way IMPACT Wrestling had treated them. A year ago, Alexander said The North were going to rewrite history. Now, over a year later, they stand as the longest reigning IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

They claimed that they were the greatest tag team in all of IMPACT Wrestling history, but were interrupted by the Motor City Machine Guns at Slammiversary. Alex Shelley congratulated the champs, but they weren't on the level of the Guns. Sabin and Shelley revealed that they'll be facing The North for the Tag Team Titles this Tuesday.

For The North to prove themselves to the world, they'll have to defeat, arguably, the greatest tag team in the company's history.

Gia Miller found Rich Swann backstage at Slammiversary. The former X-Division Champion said that once he's cleared to return to the ring, he'll be setting his sights on that IMPACT Wrestling World Championship at Slammiversary.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace (c) on Slammiversar

Deonna Purrazzo has had the number of Jordynne Grace for a month now, but Jordynne Grace's pure power advantage forced Purrazzo to abandon the ring multiple times early on in their Slammiversary bout.

Tired of waiting around, Grace launched herself through the ropes. When they got back inside the ring, though, Purrazzo was able to catch Grace's arm in the ropes. A nasty stomp quickly injured the shoulder of the Knockouts Champion.

Purrazzo worked over the arm, locking in various submissions to weaken it for the Fujiwara Armbar at Slammiversary. Grace rolled up Purrazzo, but it was countered into a Fujiwara attempt at Slammiversary.

Grace escaped only to be caught in a cross armbreaker. Grace, again, escaped, but the damage was already done. Purrazzo set up for a shoulder breaker but Thicc Mama Pump responded with some strong back elbows. A few shoulder tackles set up for a running senton across the spine at Slammiversary.

Purrazzo found herself trapped in a submission, oddly enough, as Grace locked her in a rear naked choke. Luckily for Purrazzo, she escaped, but that only meant more punishment. Grace wrapped her around the ring post for a modified bow and arrow stretch.

A Michinoku Driver planted Purrazzo, but she kicked out at two. Purrazzo caught Grace with a triangle choke, only for the champ to break out and spike her with a spinebuster.

Purrazzo escaped a slam and bounced Grace off the ropes for a German suplex. Grace stood right back up and hit one of her own. Purrazzo responded with a running knee and a pendulum suplex, nearly getting the upset win at Slammiversary.

Grace built up a head of steam here, driving Purrazzo's face into the middle turnbuckle with a running double knee strike. A sliding elbow in the corner set up for the Vader Bomb, as well.

Purrazzo countered the Grace Driver, taking Grace to the mat for a double Fujiwara Armbar. Grace couldn't hold on, giving Purrazzo the shocking submission win and the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship!

Results: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace via submission on Slammiversary

Grade: A+

The IMPACT Wrestling World Championship has been through quite a lot in recent months. At Slammiversary, a new champion would be crowned. Eddie Edwards, Trey Miguel, and Ace Austin would face a surprise fourth opponent. Who was he?

None other than the former X-Division Champion Rich Swann! At least, that was the first man to come out, as Eric Young was the next man to enter the building.

To quote EY, "Surprise surprise, boys. This is now a five-way!" This was originally a five-way a month ago, so it's pretty great to see IMPACT Wrestling deliver like this.

Slammiversary Main Event- IMPACT Wrestling World Championship: Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel vs Eddie Edwards vs Rich Swann vs Eric Young

Trey and Ace Austin moved to the floor while Eric Young, Eddie Edwards, and Rich Swann fought in the ring. EY dropped Edwards with a belly-to-belly, but was taken out with a dropkick by Swann.

Swann and Trey traded hurricanranas, with Swann getting the momentary win over the Rascal. Edwards rolled in or an overhead belly-to-belly on Swann, and knocked Austin down to the floor again. However, a suicide dive was blocked by Madman Fulton who chokeslammed Edwards on the apron.

The referee tossed Fulton out, leaving us with a true five-way competition. Inside the ring, Edwards chopped Swann and EY in the corner. Ace Austin hammered both Edwards and Trey with a series of kicks. However, a springboard cutter from Rich Swann spiked Austin.

Edwards dropped Swann with the Blue Thunder Bomb. EY caught him with the fireman's carry driver, but was leveled by Trey's quick feet. Trey focused on Austin, lighting him up with a series of kicks. EY interrupted, and was sent to the floor for his trouble.

Trey's question mark kick/neckbreaker combination dropped Austin. Swann was next, and a handspring enziguri took him out as well, leaving only Eddie Edwards and Trey. Ace flew through the ring for a flying Canadian Destroyer.

As Eddie set up Ace for a Tiger Driver, he was driven into the corner, taking a climbing Trey off the top. Austin was planted with a flapjack and a Blue Thunder Bomb. However, Trey rocked him mid-pin with the meteora. Eric Young, though, spiked Trey with a piledriver, eliminating Trey.

First Elimination: Eric Young eliminate Trey via pinfall at Slammiversary.

Young set his sights on Swann after attempting to pin Edwards and Austin. Swann slapped the taste out of the former World Champion's mouth, and lit him up with a series of strikes. Young, however, planted him with the wheelbarrow neckbreaker.

Swann kicked out just in time. Young took him to the turnbuckle for...something, but Swann countered with a bulldog. With Swann and Young out of the picture, Edwards focused on Austin, landing a quick Yakuza Kick as Austin set up for a splash from the top.

As Edwards and Austin fought at the top, Eric Young popped up Swann for a powerbomb into the buckle, sending them crashing through the timekeeper's table below. Young picked up Swann before calling himself a "reward" for fans and Swann a "letdown." As he picked up Swann for a piledriver, Swann countered with a victory roll, pinning the former champion.

Second Elimination: Rich Swann eliminated Eric Young via pinfall at Slammiversary

Young, not too happy about being eliminated, took a chair to Swann's leg, looking to end the night, and possibly the career, of Rich Swann.

Ace Austin looked to take advantage, going for a figure-4 leglock. Swann countered with a series of pitfalls, and when he couldn't get the win, rocked Austin with a series of punches. A kick to Swann's knee, though, was too much to handle, and The Fold ended the night for Swann at Slammiversary.

Third Elimination: Ace Austin eliminated Rich Swann via pinfall at Slammiversary

Eddie Edwards made it in the ring, using the ropes to pull himself up. Both men met with a pair of running boots each. Edwards demanded Austin and he go straight to a trade, and he got what he wanted. Austin got the better of Edwards in a striking contest at Slammiversary.

Edwards baited The Fold, turning Ace Austin over for the belly-to-belly into the corner. Austin avoided a splash, but was rocked with the Boston Knee Party! Somehow, Austin was able to kick out. After bouncing Edwards off the ropes, The Fold connected. Edwards kicked out!

Austin moved to the top, but missed his dive. Another Boston Knee Party hit, and Edwards finished the night with the Diehard Flowsion! Eddie Edwards is the new IMPACT Wrestling World Champion at Slammiversary!!

Results: Eddie Edwards defeated Ace Austin via pinfall at Slammiversary

Grade: A+

In a match where he didn't know two fifths of the competitors, Eddie Edwards captured the IMPACT World Championship after knocking off his long-time rival Ace Austin at Slammiversary.

Sadly, after the match, he was attacked by Madman Fulton. Fulton set the new champion up for Austin, but they were interrupted by the Good Brothers! Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made the save, as Anderson dropped Ace with the Gun Stun. A boot from the Big LG and a clothesline from Edwards sent Fulton to the floor at Slammiversary.

The Good Brothers finished the night by planting Austin with the Magic Killer. The Good Brothers and Eddie Edwards celebrated with the champion by splitting a few beers at Slammiversary.

However, to end the night at Slammiversary, we saw an EC3 vignette, as he shattered a glass of whiskey against a wall. What does this mean for IMPACT Wrestling and Eddie Edwards?

PPV Rating: A

Deonna and Grace stole the show with an incredible battle while the surprises and debuts surely made this year's Slammiversary one of the best IMPACT Wrestling PPVs in recent memory.

After his stunning appearance at Impact Wrestling Slammiversary, Luke Gallows will take your questions. Join us live for UnSKripted only on Facebook and YouTube.

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