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Reactions as Ifa Funsho said this about men who can't marry women that drink and have tattoos

In Life, every adult individual is left with his /her own personal decision to make and most times these decisions are as a result of influences due to one live event or another.

sometimes,some individuals try to model their life, following the footsteps of some one else whom they Cherish or adore so much.

In this part of the world there are some things which are widely disregarded and anyone who does them are seen in a different way. One of such things that Africans especially Religious Groups turn against is the intake of Alcohol, Smoking and drawing of Tattoos.

The three aforementioned things are commonly found among the men while in some occasions, there are ladies also Participate in them.

Sometimes Tattoos are drawn for memorial sake, making a permanent sketch of a loved one or an event you wouldn't want to forget.

A particular Social Media Personality who is famous on Twitter, Ifa Funsho has raised a topic of discussion on her social media page particularly on the issue of drinks, smokes and Tattoos in women and why there is a discrimination.

Ifa Funsho is well known to always give her own opinion on public issues with confidence.

Ifa Funsho pointed at the fact that some men are involved in smoking, Drinking and tattooing but are not willing to get married to women who does same.To her, men who takes such decisions are not yet mentally free.

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