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Premier League

The Only Defender that have not received a Card in the E.P.L this Season

Defenders are know for being Booked regularly. They are Known for receiving Cards, being it Yellow or Red Card, well you won't Blame them, they are prone to Collecting Cards cause they exposed to Fouling Forwards. They are Defenders and have to attack Forwards when ever they are Coming up against them, just to prevent them from scoring or posing a threat to the Goal keeper.

After Surfing the Internet, i found out that there is a Defender that haven't been Booked in the Premier League this Season despite playing 32 League games with almost all full 90 Minutes, despite how hard and stiff the premier league is.

The player is no other than Chelsea's Captain Cesar Azpillecueta. The Chelsea Skipper hasn't been Booked this Season. Not that he runs away from tackles, he marks and attack forwards but does it Technically and he have managed to be out of the Books.

He has the Most succesful tackles in the league for Chelsea, most Interceptions and most Blockes 2nd most Ball recoveries and 2nd most tackles. These depicts that he hasn't being shying away from tackles, he has been Marking Forwards and winning tackles, but he does it professionally and technically avoiding the books, this is just astonishing by the Defender.


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Cesar Azpillecueta Chelsea Skipper Premier League Red Yellow


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