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NDA: Checkout the Full meaning of 'ACA', 'SOS' and other Academy Abbreviations

The Military world is a very wide world and they have some distinct words and abbreviations that mostly only them understand. Nigerian Defence Academy NDA is not an exception as they also have some abbreviations and slangs that is distinct to the Academy Cadets. Below are some of them:

ACA: Academy Cadet Adjutant

SOS: Struck of Strength.

AVAKA1: The best obstacle runner in the Academy.

NDA: Nigerian Defence Academy.

AWOL: Absent Without Official Leave

White Man: A final year Cadet in the Academy.

Clown: A Terma 1 or First year Cadet in the Academy.

Be on your Pot: To sit on your Head.

Opikes: Out of Point

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

Bobo: A lie

Tap: taking what is not yours

Dash: To run away

Abscond: To run away

Hang up: Basically a hand stand against the wall with your legs on the wall

Chopson: A glutton

Rugged: Looking Smart and Wicked

Sit up!: Form of salutation when sitting.

Awolee: Someone who always goes on AWOL

Dodger: Person who avoids Purnisment and some Academy Activities

Military box: A big wooden box given to all Academy Cadet

Did you learn something new?

Drop any other abbreviations you know so we call all learn.

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