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3 Ways To Watch Live Football Matches Without Using DSTV

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Watching football matches is the ultimate joy of the weekend for a lot of people as it is one sure way to relieve the stress gathered throughout the week. It is therefore paramount that one who desires to watch these matches finds a way to get these matches at his or her convenience.

This problem was solved by the introduction of decoders, it made life easier at the start as people were able to watch football matches from the comfort of their homes. This excitement and happiness that came with the introduction of decoders has quickly faded away, as huge pricing and poor picture quality under rain has deterred a lot of sports fans from enjoying their matches.

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A DSTV explorer decoder is sold for around 60,000 Naira and this discourages people from getting one. This is not the end as there are solutions to the problems faced by people who do not own a DSTV decoder. Three other ways to watch matches are highlighted below:


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Streaming of football matches has become the norm for a lot of people as lack of decoders makes it difficult to watch these matches. For students like me, it is quite difficult to get matches to watch on Tv since we're in school, but some streaming platforms take away that stress and ill be sharing some of these streaming platforms below.

Some of the best sites for streaming matches include

Live This is one of the best streaming sites but its only drawback is the number of ads which might make it uncomfortable for the viewer.

Sky Sports: Sky Sports is another platform that makes it easy to watch matches. It also includes news, rumours and other sports info for viewers. This is my personal favourite as it gives mostly advantages and few disadvantages. One major feature that stands out is it refreshes matches during the game to avoid lagging. I'll advise most people to use this as their main streaming site.

Viewing Centers

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This is another smart way to watch matches as most viewing centers are cheap and save you the stress of buying your own decoder and subscribing for it. Most viewing centers charge between 100 Naira to 200 Naira which is a fair amount in comparison to the amount necessary for buying a decoder.

I would also recommend this option as it is one I follow to avoid the boredom associated with streaming matches alone. It gives the actual stadium football feeling as the voices of other people adds spice to whatever match you're watching.

Going to the stadium

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This option seems sarcastic but when actually analyzed it makes a lot of sense. Anybody who is chanced to get an opportunity to travel to any country where the league of his or her choice is played can actually get a season ticket which ranges from around £200- £1000.

This is a relatively small amount compared to the value you get for not missing any match during the season, and it also gives you the actual experience of watching a match unlike the boredom associated with watching on Tv.

What do you think about these methods of watching matches? Make your opinions known in the comments section.

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