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Who Might Have Won if Amarendra Baahubali Confronted Achilles?

Who Might Have Won if Amarendra Baahubali Confronted Achilles

This question totally undermines the capabilities of Achilles. 

Let's examine Achilles achievements: 

He was the good King of Phthia, and a fierce warrior while in battle. He had an exorbitant measure of strength and wore the armor forged by none other than Hephaestus, which made him a formidable opponent for anyone who dared to challenge him. Remember, Achilles defeated the most strongest warrior of Troy (Hector) 

He was immortal as he was plugged into the River Styx by his mother, Thetis. To prevent him from altogether drowning she held onto his heel. Which became his weak spot.

As such has being said, Baahubali might put up a good fight against Achilles yet at long last Achilles would win since he's immortal. Be that as it may, if Bahubali has foreknowledge about Achilles heel, then a twist can always be expected since Bahubali is also an excellent warrior. 

Regardless of how perfect you think you are, there will always be a flaw


So, who do you think would have won if the duo confront each other?

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