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6 Wrestlers Who Have Defeated Brock Lesnar In A Singles Match

Brock Lesnar, the beast incarnate, is undoubtedly one of the toughest wrestlers in WWE. One feature about this guy is that, he hardly ever looses a match.

Brock Lesnar has won more matches since he joined WWE and he has beaten the best Wrestlers WWE has to offer. Of no doubt, Lesnar is the most destructive wrestler ever, and anyone who has the opportunity to secure a victory against this beast, is lucky.

But no matter how destructive or tough you are, you can still be put down. In this article, i have highlighted some wrestlers who have defeated Brock in a singles match.

6 Wrestlers Who Have Defeated Brock In A Singles Match:

6. Triple H:

The degeneration X's team member, Triple H, won Brock Lesnar in a match at Wrestlemania when he had everything to loose. Triple H's career was on the line in that match and his beloved wife, Stephanie was also on line so there was everything possibility that Triple would have a victory in that match.

5. Gold Berg:

Gold Berg is one of the wrestlers to secure a victory twice against Brock Lesnar, in a singles match. He is also the first wrestler to pin the Beast down in a short minute when he took the fight to Lesnar at Survivor Series in 2016 after he returned to WWE.

4. John Cena:

Cena has quite a number of histories in the ring including defeating the top wrestlers WWE has to offer.

Brock Lesnar is one of those wrestlers Cena has pinned in the ring which he did at Extreme Rules 2012. That match was one of the bloodiest matches ever and to be honest, no one expected Cena to win.

Cena sustained many injuries in that match but still came out up top after delivering a perfect "AA" to Lesnar for the three count.

3. Roman Reigns:

The big dog is one of the wrestlers to pin every opponent he has come in contact with. He has pinned starts and legends like John Cena, Kane, Undertaker, Triple H, Big Show and even Brock Lesnar.

Roman's effort to pin the beast down was not easy at first. His first match against Brock was at wrestlemania where the beast beat the hell out of Roman but was not able to secure a victory. Although Roman gave his best at Wrestlemania, he didn't still pin down the beast. The match unfortunately ended with Seth Rollins as the winner.

Roman got into several matches against Brock again to finally secure a flimsy victory against the beast.

2. Seth Rollins:

The Messiah of Raw is indeed a wrestler who has many histories in WWE. He is the first NXT champion, was the youngest WWE champion (after Randy Orton), he became the first man ever to cash in his 'money in the bank' contract at wrestlemania and win the title in that same match, he is the first man to hold both the united states championship and the WWE championship at thesame time etc.

Seth Rollins has proven his great ability to everyone by pinning the "beast Incarnate" twice in a roll, something that was counted impossible by WWE.

He won Lesnar in a singles match at Wrestlemania after performing several super kicks and stomps. He then gave Brock a rematch at Summer Slam even though he had a leg injury and later turned out to beat the beast for the second time via pinfall.

1. Undertaker:

The Undertaker is more or less the most feared wrestler in WWE. His achievements cannot be numbered and his matches are too good to be talked about.

The undertaker has a record of two losses at wrestlemania and he has gained the respect of most wrestlers and WWE fans all over the world.

The Undertaker has had series of incredible matches against Lesnar and to be frank, he lost more than he won. Lesnar showed no sign of fear when it comes to facing "the dead man"

The Undertaker has secured a victory against Lesnar via submission at Summer slam 2015, where Lesnar passed out when he was held by Taker in a submission hold known as "Hell's gate"

Ever since then, Undertaker has never won Lesnar in a singles match again.

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