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An Analysis Of Deontay Wilder's Horrible Injuries Sustained In His Fight Against Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder was moved to the hospital immediately after his fight with Tyson Fury. The American Boxer who was knocked out in the 11th round has suffered some serious injuries. 

A Busted Lips

This is an unavoidable injury Wilder has been getting any time he faces Fury. He gets his lips ripped through with those heavy punches. 

The Bronze Bomber fans complain about Fury's gloves in their last five, they claimed the gloves aren't well tucked in his hands. So, he [Fury] is literally fighting with his bare hands which would eventually result in injuries on Wilder.

 In the trilogy, that theory was blown away as Fury busted Wilder's lips once again. Fortunately for Wilder, a lips wound should heal in three to four days under good medical care.

A Broken Knuckle

When you go back to watch the video clips after the fight, you discover that Wilder already has a swollen knuckle. The bone there has already been fractured and that was why he couldn't throw much punch in the 9th to 10th rounds. 

[Photo Credit: EpainAssist]

If you take a look at the diagram above, you would see the crack from the bone. In this kind of injury, the Surgeon would have to make use of pins or plates and screw for repair. The pins would be staying for about 4-6 weeks and then the plates and screw would be removed only on the instructions of the patient. 

Medical professionals would be the ones to attend to this injury. Because if care is not taken, it could lead to a more serious issue. 

A Broken Finger

Naturally, the way Wilder threw his punches at Fury, I saw this coming. The retaliation of losing the first fight got him all wild without tactics. 

Normally, a broken finger heals within two to eight weeks, depending on how healthy the fingers are. However, it takes three to four months before full strength is being restored in the finger. According to Wilder's trainer, it's plainly a broken finger and it would take processes before it recovers. 

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