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2 Key Positions That Man City Must Dominate, In Other To Defeat PSG In The UEFA Champions League

There are some key areas of the pitch which Manchester City must dominate on Tuesday night if they want to come out of the game victorious. This article will focus on two key positions that Manchester City must focus on dominating because if they fail to do so, PSG will most likely hurt them from those positions.

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Manchester City will be getting ready for their much anticipated UEFA Champions League match against PSG on Tuesday night. Manchester City is the favorite to win because of their last season's heroics in the Champions League which saw them reach the finals, however, PSG won't be an easy task.

1. The Right-Wing Position:

Manchester City must concentrate all its energy towards stopping Hakimi from operating down the right wing. Hakimi has shown the whole world that he has wonderful energy and his speed is a nightmare for defenders.

Cancello or Zinchenko will be mandated to stop Hakimi from making forward runs from PSG's right-back into Manchester City's defense. Hakimi has proven that he can create a lot of chances and he won't hesitate to score goals if opportunities vines up in the match.

Manchester City's left-back will be saddled with the duty of containing Hakimi and any other player who pairs with him on the right-wing. With Cancelo and Zinchenko as the only players expected to start at Manchester City's left-back, Hakimi will fancy his chances to hurt Manchester City in the match because Cancelo and Zinchenko are not the best when it comes to defending.

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2. The Central Defense Position:

With Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, and Messi all in contention to start the match against Manchester City, there will be a great battle in the Central Defense of Manchester City. In the match, Manchester City defenders must be at their best to stop the forward players PSG possesses.

If Manchester City's central defense fails to be as strong as possible, PSG has so many forward players who could hurt them. Manchester City's central defenders are not very physical, but they are intelligent and they can help their team to withhold the ball for longer.

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If Manchester City has the intention of winning today's game, their central defense must be 100 percent tonight. Anything below 100 percent performance from the Manchester City central defenders could be very dangerous because PSG won't hesitate to hurt them.

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