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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Results.

The followings are the results of elimination chamber match, which was a pay per view event match held on 21st February, 2021. The matches were stream live from Wwe thunder Dome, hosted at topricana field in saint Petersburg, Florida. Seven matches were contested during this year's elimination chamber match. One of the match which turn out as expected was the match between roman reign and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan has already has already been beaten down and he's exhausted in such a way that he can't put up a fight against the fresh Roman reign. 

Another spectacular moment was the impromptu main event between drew and Mix. Miz finally cashed in his money in the bank contract with his briefcase. He was able to actualize that with help from Bobby. Miz defeated drew to win WWE Championship. 

Here's the results of the matches;

1. Daniel Bryan won the elimination chamber match for smack down. Here's how the elimination goes; cesaro eliminated Corbin with his sharpshooter. Kevin Owen eliminated sami zayn with a stunner. Hey usos eliminated Kevin via frog splash. Hey usos eliminated Cesaro via frog splash. Finally, key usos was eliminated by Daniel Bryan with a running knee. 

2. Roman reign defeated Daniel Bryan to retain his universal championship.  

3. Nia jax, Shayna baszler, sasha banks and bianca belair for women's tag team championship. Nia jax and Shauna retains their title by defeating sasha bank and bianca belair.

4. John Morrison defeated Ali, Ricochet and Elias in order to earn a spot in united state championship match.

5. Matt riddle defeated john Morrison and Bobby lashley to win championship title.

6. Raw elimination chamber match was won by drew McIntyre. Kofi eliminated randy Orton via roll up. Sheamus eliminated Kofi Kingston via brogue kick. Drew McIntyre eliminated Jeff hardy via claymore kick. A. J. styles eliminates Sheamus using his phenomena forearm. Finally, styles was eliminated by drew McIntyre with his claymore kick.

7. After his successful match, drew was attacked by Bobby lashley, which enabled Mix to cash in his money in the bank contract that has been with him for long. 

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