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5 Most Embarrassing WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations (Photos)

Royal Rumble match is normally the main event of WWE's January pay-per-view event that is based on the classic battle royal match in which wrestlers (usually thirty) aim at eliminating their opponents by throwing them over the top rope. However, there are several royal rumble elimination in the WWE that seems to be quite embarrassing which we are going to be looking at in this article. Just go through this article till the end to find out these embarrassing moments of some royal rumble eliminations.

5. R-Truth Elimination In The 2016 Royal Rumble

R-Truth elimination from the royal rumble in 2016 prove to be hilarious and incredibly embarrassing for himself when he came to the ring as entry number twelve. R-Truth ran down to the ring and grabbed the ladder from out under the ring, believing that the match was going to be money in the Bank ladder match. Not realizing his error, R-Truth who had already climbed up the ladder was then pulled down by Kane as the other participants watched, and was subsequently eliminated by Kane.

4. Warlord's Elimination In The 1989 Royal Rumble

During the 1989 royal rumble match, the Warlord was immediately eliminated by Hulk Hogan in just two seconds after his entrance into the ring. Although the record has been broken after twenty years by Kane, who happen to eliminate Santino Marella in the 2009 royal rumble.

3. Mark Henry's Elimination In The 1999 Royal Rumble

During the 1999 royal rumble, Mark Henry entered the ring as entry number twenty-six, and his most embarrassing moment came later unto the match when entry number thirty came down into the ring. Talking about Chyna, the first female wrestler to enter a royal rumble match. When she entered the ring, she immediately turned her attention to Mark Henry who was inviting her to fight him. She then delivered a few punches and kicks to him, before throwing him over the top rope. Well, it was an embarrassing moment for Henry as he was eliminated by a woman half his size.

2. Santino Marella's Elimination In The 2009 Royal Rumble

Santino Marella appeared on this list for his embarrassing moment of being the wrestler who spent the shortest amount of time in a single royal rumble match. During the 2009 royal rumble match, Santino Marella entered the ring as entry number twenty-eight, and as soon as he enters the ring, he was eliminated by Kane in a record time of 1.9 seconds, breaking the previous record held by the Warlord in 1989 which was held for twenty years.

1. The Great Khali's Elimination In The 2010 Royal Rumble

The Great Khali had one of the most embarrassing elimination during a royal rumble match in 2010, as he came in as entry number five. However, entry number six was Beth Phoenix, being the second woman to ever enter a royal rumble match. With a nearly 2ft difference in height and roughly 300-pound difference in weight, Beth Phoenix shockingly managed to eliminate Great Khali by kissing him out of the ring.  

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