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What Nigerians Should See And Learn From Real Madrid Winning Their 34th League Title

Real Madrid won their 34th league title after beating villareel 2-1, as Barcelona failed to win their match.

Real Madrid has been the best club for many years and they have proved this yearly and in every season, this season says it all they put in the best individual performances and team performances as you can see in one of the matches against any barcelona where they won by 2 goals to nil.

There are many positive things about the club I will like Nigerians to know, they are:

Run Your Race At Your Pace: We ought to recur that Barcelona took early lead on the champions, but that doesn't mean anything to the champions. They kept kept improving every match on every area from attack to defend. As a Nigerian, don't look at your friends who are currently ahead of you. Run your race, grow at your own pace, develop yourself first and look for opportunities. Winners don't focus on others they focus on themselves and where they are going to.

Hardwork: i know rival fans will like to dispute this but don't let us look from the point of rivalry. If you are to have and achieve anything worthwhile in life, the place of hard work cannot be overlooked. Hardwork is priceless, it is what you need to succeed in that field of your.

consistency: i won't like to be bias, the other challenging teams, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, etc all put in a great fight to win the title but one thing won it for the champions it is consistency, is'nt it incredible and great that the team manage to have ten straight wins in the league. Being consistent in everything you do goes a long way in helping you achieve something worthwhile. Take a look at your job, career and life, and think deep, ask yourself this challenging question, if I have been consistent all this while how far would I have gone?

Opportunities: what will keep distinguishing the successful and the unsuccessful is their ability to recognize opportunity when it present themselves and make good use of them. Opportunities present themselves daily to us but many of us let it pass by. This opportunities can be the game changer for our lifes and careers. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, Where would I have been if you haven't let those opportunities you have met to slipped by?

Mindset: your mindset is really important in achieving your life goals. You are and will always be the product of your mind. The outcome of what you will achieve in life depends on how you see yourself. To be a champion you have to first see yourself as a champion. You can't imagine failure and except being a champion it doesn't work like that, you have to picture yourself as a champion.Even when everything seems to be wrong and it's like the world is against you always be positive and being positive start from the mind. One day you be a champion.

Circle: The circle of people you associate with say it all about where you will be in the nearest future. Don't be confused, you can't keep bad friends and except to be good, you will also be bad. To be successful associate yourself with great people, don't be afraid to change the circle of your friends if they are pulling you down. To be be great in life you need great people in your life and around you. Keep the best people around you and you willl see how your life will skyrocket.

Real madrid have the best teams in the world from their goal keeper to attack they can ripe one apart, not only that they have the best coach no wonder they have won a lot. You can't be the only best personality among mediocre people and expect that you go far it doesn't work that way, you need other great people around you.

Don't give up

The world is only for the achievers who don't give up on things easily. Sure, life is full of up and down, but you have to be dogged and let fighting spirit be in you, that is what you need to be successful. When Real Madrid lost to Real Betis before lockdown it was as if the world is against them, but they came back stronger. Let your daily watch word be don't give up easily.

Congratulations to Real Madrid for winning their emphatic 34th league win


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