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Checkout the amount of money Juventus Fc will accept for Christaino Ronaldo to be sold to a new club

Christiano Ronaldo who is a talented player and is loved by many most especially his fans played for different clubs since the beginning of his carrier. Many people do like him because of his special skill and method of playing.

Although his former club fans do miss him alot, since he left the Spanish club Real Madrid to an Italian club known as Juventus, many things changed.

However, his new Club Juventus has disclosed that they will accept as low as £25m for Cristiano Ronaldo for him to leave the club this summer, according to Football Italia.

The Italian giants are bracing themselves for life without the superstar following their latest Champions League exit.

What do you think about this, do you think Christiano Ronaldo should leave Juventus, please let us know your thoughts and please share them with us, please don't forget to follow us up for more update.

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