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Reasons Why African Football Is Not As Decorated As European Football

African football has not lived up to expectations, even though so many African players are playing in Europe and other developed places of the world. Apart from playing in Europe and other developed continents, African now has access to live games that are played all around the world, yet, African football has not metamorphosed over the years.

The reasons why African football has not been as decorated as European football will be discussed below.

1. Corruption and nepotism; African has all it takes to have world-class players who could compete for the world's best players, but this has not been obtained since George Weah did it some years ago. If Africa can actually bring out the talented players from the grass root without considering their background or ethnicity, then African football will surely metamorphose.

2. Lack of development; African stadiums are not up to the expected standard when compared to the ones they have in Europe and other continents. If the African stadiums and training equipments are available for the players, then they will be motivated to play good football.

Most of the African players who are doing well in Europe are not playing at the same feet on the African soil. This is solely due to the poor standard of the stadiums.

3. Poor administration; If the administration of African football associations right from the national leagues are trustworthy, African football would have attained the best feet in the world by now. The European countries and other countries of the world that we follow their football are up there because of how organized their national leagues are.

Africa should invest in the footballing sector and then, make sure that the administration is trustworthy, this is one way to make African football competitive. European countries are having a lot of revenue from sport presently. It's until we dedicate more time and resources to our football that we would begin to see changes in our football.

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