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Opinion: Why Anthony Taylor was right not to give Ronaldo a straight red card after kicking Jones.

The rivalry and intention to prove superiority between Liverpool and Manchester United seems to always get to their player's head each time the two clubs are playing. United played host to Liverpool yesterday in the Premier League, as the Reds ran out a 0-5 winner in a one-sided encounter.

The likes of Ronaldo who was signed by the club for an occasion like that of yesterday was powerless to prevent such heavy defeat. In fact, he should have been sent off towards the end of the first half after kicking Liverpool's Curtis Jones but was only given a yellow card. On another day with another referee, Ronaldo would have been given a straight red card for such an unprofessional behavior. While many onlookers might share the same thought that the Portuguese striker should have been sent off, we will analyze in this article why the Referee, Anthony Taylor, was right to only give out a yellow card and not a straight red.

Sometimes in football, teams don't get to see some decisions going their way. For instance, the entire Liverpool squad and their fans would have thought that what Ronaldo did to Jones deserves a direct sending off, considering the fact that he has lost the ball but referee, Anthony Taylor decided otherwise. Below, we will explain why the Premier League referee was right not to send him off.

In my opinion, I believe in a game of high importance like that of Manchester United against Liverpool, brandishing a straight red card is something that must be done with caution, except in a situation whereby there is a leg breaking tackle as seen with Paul Pogba in the second half. In Ronaldo's case, it is understandable that he might have feel embarrassed with the score line, which could be the cause of his frustration that made him kicked a young player like Jones.

Of a truth, Ronaldo's action is uncalled-for, but the referee might have thought, he is only a human being like every one of us, and he can lose his head sometimes too.

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