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Nigeria Vs. India: The truth about the match

Nigeria Vs. India: The truth about the match that ended in 99 - 1.

If you’re aged between the teens’ age and fifty you should be familiar with the story I’m about relate to you. It is about match between India and Nigeria, dubbed to have being played in the 20th century, before Nigeria’s independence.

To summarize the whole thing, the match ended with Nigeria winning despite India’s 99 goals against Nigeria’s 1. The story had it that India used black magic and agreed to concede defeat if Nigeria scored just a goal.

This, the Nigerian team did. But not without the alleged goal scorer, Samuel Okwaraji losing his life after kicking the stone ball into the net. Thus to those that heard the story, Okwaraji was a hero to respect. After the match, this popular tale has it that India was then banned from world football for life.

However that’s is not the real story.

India was not banned because of black magic but for a couple of reasons.

The Federation gave preference to the International Olympic Committee rather than FIFA. While the other was that they loved playing barefooted and refused to play on boots.

Even the player, that we gave heroic respects didn’t die before the 60’s.

Rather he, Samuel Okwaraji died on the 12th of August, 1989 at the National stadium, Lagos. His statue is at the main gate for all to see.

With these points, the story of the 19 “kokoro” about India trashing Nigeria 99-1 is undoubtedly a myth. I wonder who manufactured this story. But to be honest I believed it hook, line and sinker then.

Who told you about this? I was told by my friends at school.

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