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What fans are saying about Christian Pulisic after Chelsea game against Manchester United


A reminder that today was Chelsea without Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech, Havertz, Kantè and any other summer signings we make.

Chelsea are going to be a big problem for Liverpool and Manchester City next season, no doubt about it.


Love how the commentators are talking about United not playing their best team when Chelsea are not playing Pulisic or Kante.

I guess it doesn't fit the narrative..

Kante doesn’t really count he’s injured, they mentioned that at the start. Where as united purposefully chose not to start 3 of their strongest players.


Chelsea doesn’t have top scorer,World [email protected],no Pulisic and first team GK......United has Pogba,Fernandes,Martial,Greenwood and Rashford on. Clowns absolute clowns.


Very hard to play Agricultural sides where their own defenders take out fellow defenders. Chelsea didn't even need Pulisic. Here is a reality check for the farmers


Chelsea's best player Christian Pulisic led Chelsea to victory on the bench doing nothing. While Man United's best player Bruno Penandes was in Kovacic's pockets all game. But got a consolation goal with a pen to take home. 😂 😂 😂



The players were all great, but huge credit to Lampard, whose tactical switch had the game all but won before the teams were even on the pitch. An easy win without our most in-form player even having to play a minute. Pulisic should now be fresh for two huge games coming up.


However much you miss Christian Pulisic, Olivier Giroud misses him more 😢🇺🇸


"Yeah it was a freaking awesome win against the United. Y'all didn't expect that but we clutched it for realsies. My jabroni giroud got a rad goal so that was pretty epic and now we're in the finals and we're definitely gonna get that FA cup ring. Let's go, Pulisic out! 🤘"

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