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4 things that Cristiano Rolando does better than lionel Messi.

Each man is blessed with slightly different traits And an example of that are Cristiano Ronaldo and lionel Messi these two are unarguably the best players of this generation and they really should be admired for how beautifully they played.

But then I would like to talk about the four things that Ronaldo does better than Messi.

1. Power. due to Ronaldo's physique he is able to do a couple of more things than lionel messi on the football pitch.

Ronaldo can shoot with tremendous power from a great distance and this usually worry goalkeepers.

2. Ball heading, gets a rap for his heading ability simply because he is 5'7" but still that doesn't mean he is incapable of heading the ball while Ronaldo on the other hand at 6'1" can use his valuable leaping ability to get over tall defenders.

3. Speed, though Lionel messi is probably more feared one on one by defenders due to his tactical dribbling skills, he is no match for Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of speed.

4. Free kicks, Nobody can make the ball dip and swerve on command at extremely high velocities like Ronald can, his range is incredible so that strikes from yards away are likely to find the back of the net.

Cristiano Ronaldo has always used his physical power to his advantage.

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