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Premier League

Top 6 Records Some Clubs And Players Wished To Be Deleted

The drama in the Premier League continues today for fans after a crazy and shocking Tuesday. Liverpool will try to beat Manchester 2-1 against Newcastle if they face Leicester City at Anfield tonight. Gonzalo Higuain will make his league debut when Chelsea play against Bournemouth when away. Tottenham met Watford at Wembley, while Southampton continued their struggle to survive with a home match against Crystal Palace. Today we would like to see six records that several clubs and players want to delete.

6. Arsenal 2-1 League Cup defeat to Birmingham

2011 is certainly not a good year for Arsenal. In the same year they lost 2-8 to Manchester United at Old Trafford, but a bigger blow tore through the artillery camp in early February this year. The League Cup Final at Wembley Arsenal, as expected, is a favorite against the threat of relegation at Birmingham City. The mistake was first made by Zigic, but Robin Van Persie equalized. In the final seconds of the match, when everyone expected the Gunners to win extra time, a corrupt mix between young goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny and defender Laurent Koscielny Rubin Borrower Kazan Obafemi Martins allowed his team's first trophy to win since 1963. You will definitely find a Gooner who likes this story.

5. Gerard slips against Chelsea

This may not be a record like that, but the result of this error will haunt Liverpool as a club and a man named Steven Gerrard for decades. The match against Chelsea took place in 2014 when the Reds looked like favorites to the title. Inspired by Brendan Rodgers, Suarez was unbeaten in eleven matches, as were other victories, and the title was not available. Then it happened, at the end of the first half Gerard slipped until he got the bait, and Demba Ba took full advantage. He scored for the blues and red never returned to the game. Willian scored the second goal later in the game and the title was lost. Manchester City won the match later and Etihad celebrated its second league crown five years later. Gerard has won all titles at club level, including the Champions League, but the league is a bad omission for him. If the Reds win the league this season, he will be more than a month.

4. Manchester United 6-1 defeat to rivals City

In 2011, a few months after Arsenal's 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford, Manchester United suffered the worst defeat in history as a player and coach. Even worse, the 1-6 defeat fell to the hands of fierce rivals at Manchester City. "That was our worst day," said Ferguson. "This is the worst result in my history. Even as a player, I don't think I lost 1-6. I don't believe in judgment. The first goal was a shot, but it could be recovered 1-0." I was devastated, I couldn't believe it . It was a huge disappointment, but we will respond, there is no question about that. This is the perfect result for us to react, because there are many disturbances in the dressing room that will have an impact. You must recover. The history of Manchester United is "another day" and we will recover. Fergie watched.

3. Chelsea- Worst Premier League Champions of All-Time

Chelsea won the worst Premier League champions in 2015/16 after finishing tenth in the league one year after winning the title under Jose Mourinho. They started the season badly under "Specials", but things got out of control and he was fired. Gus Hiddink was in charge of the ship for the remaining six months, but the damage had already occurred. They finished tenth with 50 points and 12 losses. Blackburn Rovers (1995/1996) and Manchester United (2013/2014) experienced a bad campaign, but both managed to finish in seventh.

2. Arsenal humiliating 8-2 defeat to Man United

Arsenal fans have enjoyed matches against Manchester United for years, but they certainly did not enjoy anything that day in 2011. The Gunners came to Old Trafford and expect their fans to be back in the mood after losing their Barcelona captain Cesc Fabregas and players Samir Nasri's key against Manchester City. The whole drama is getting worse and worse, the Red Devils don't expect a tired side at Old Trafford, so they have just begun to tear up the visitors. The shooters did not have an answer so the destruction continued. Van Persie and Walcott tried to reduce the damage, but when they reached 7, then 8, no one could cover the volcano. If you look at the game, you will remember very well that the results can be worse if the host ¾ goes out of their way. It was very bad and no one at Emirates or the world wanted to be reminded of that day.

1. AC Milan lose to Liverpool in 2005

The Champions League is a competition that serious football fans cannot afford. It got better when the race reached the knockout stages, quarter-finals, and semi-finals. All stars from all over the world fight for the coveted European club crown each year. Over the past two decades, records have been set and others have been broken, but there is one that will remain intact for years to come, and this is the final in Istanbul in 2005. The match took place between the Milan giants and the four-time winner at Liverpool of the. Italy scored three goals through Maldini and Crespo in the first half, and some fans even went to sleep because the game looked dead and buried. However, Rafa Benitez has a part-time schedule and, in the second half, destroyed Milan in 3 minutes to 3: 3 and pushed the game into extra time and then a penalty. The Reds won the trophy thanks to the character Jerzy Dudek.

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