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4 Things Nigerians Don't Joke About

1:Parents who lost a child:You SHOULD NEVER joke about a parent or parents that has lost a child, especially if their child committed suicide. You are sick if you ever joke with Don't lose your child or the pedophiles will snatch them up...One of the worst things that could happen to a person is losing a child.

2:Football: Whether our national teams and local clubs are doing well or not, it doesn’t kills the love of Nigerians for football. The English premier league has become a compulsory activity at weekends and Nigerian wives, who love their husband’s company have also become supporters so as to win their husband’s admiration and keep them at home. Nigerian’s love for football explains alot why sport betting business has become one of the most thriving businesses in Nigeria today.

3:A conversation with our parents:Of all the things we take for granted, the simple ability to connect with our loved ones definitely tops the list. Even if we’re feeling blue because you can only connect through a phone call or text, we’re very fortunate that they’re on the other end to receive it. Many would give anything for the chance to hear their mother’s voice or see a “dad joke” pop up in their inbox. We should never take even the smallest chance to connect with our parents for granted because they won’t be with us forever.

4:The freedom to explore and express:As a student, there’s always that need to conform and follow the rules. As a working adult, you now have the freedom to express your creativity and explore your capabilities to see how much you can achieve. Your working life is one of the best times for you to uncover whatever talent or skill that is worthy of being further developed. Plus, if you’re working in the right company, you may even be encouraged to think out of the box and if you do well, be rewarded for it. That’s definitely something to look forward to.

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