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Superman vs Thor in a fight to the death, who would win, here is the answer.

Superman vs Thor is more than just a dream match, both men are poster boys for their respective companies(DC and marvel). Super man is billed as the man of steel, one of the last surviving Kyptonians and earth's greatest hero.

Thor on the other hand is the Norse god of lighting, he is the direct son of Odin and he is immortal.

In a fight between superman and Thor, we will assume it is a fair fight in the sense that weakening elements such as the green kyptoniate will not be used against superman.

Before we evaluate their fight, let us look into their powers.

Superman possesses the following:

Super human strength, Sight, hearing, durability, Speed, flight, heat vision and Ice breath. How ever he is vulnerable to magic.

Thor on the other hand possesses strength, fight, and two Mystical weapons not to add his magical lightening.

In a fight between superman and Thor, if it solely a physical fight, super man would win but if Thor decides to tap into his godly magic, he is capable of handing superman a sound defeat.

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