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FIFA World Cup

Top 5 World-Class Goalkeepers Who CR7 Has Scored Against

The list Below Are List Of The Most Famous World-class Goalkeepers.

1. Manuel Neuer

This goalkeeper, who was won at the 2014 World Cup (two inches taller than Ronaldo), was at the end of his shot and could not stop it. When Germany won the FIFA World Cup in 2014, he was named the best player and was nominated for an extraordinary parade for the prestigious Ballon d'Or. His national team manager Joachim Lowe also said that he could even play as a field player behind the defense. Ronaldo scored for the first time against Neuer in the UCL quarter-finals from penalty to penalty and jumped to the other side. He scored again in the same match; He was assisted by Ozil just 8 minutes after his previous goal, but Real Madrid lost on penalties. He had the opportunity to retaliate in the semifinals two years later when Real took the lead with two early goals from Ramos. CR scored a goal assisted by Bale and another 22m free kick.Real continued to win the Champions League in the same year. Their last meeting was in the quarterfinals of 2017, where Ronaldo scored two goals in both halves. The first he bowed his head in Carvajal's pass and the second he curled Neuer from Asensio's cross. In the second match, he scored a controversial goal delivered by Marcelo in the 104th minute, and another that Ramos took in just five minutes.

2. Gianluigi Buffon

Buffon is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time in the entire world and certainly the best goalkeeper in Italy. This 40-year-old man does not reflect his age when in the field. Named after the 2006 World Cup, when it was saved his favorite against Zidane. He is respected for his movements in difficult situations and against better opponents. Not only is it as old as good wine, it also has its own red wine brand. He was also the first Serie A goalkeeper to avoid a penalty from the referee's video assistant. Ronaldo was the first to score a penalty in the 42nd minute of the 2009 World Cup semifinals. In 2013, Juventus and Real Madrid shared the same group in the Champions League, where Ronaldo scored in Turin. At home, he scored a fantastic goal and passed Gigi. This makes the corner of the door smaller for him when he wraps his right foot on the ball along the crossbar and into the goal.Their next meeting was in the 2017 Champions League final, where he scored two goals and made a sudden defensive signal to reach the ball through the defense and score the ball in the goal. These goals ensured Real's 12th victory at UCL. They last met in the quarter-finals in 2018 when Ronaldo managed to score Isco's pass with a touch from his right foot in the far corner. His second goal of the match was the most legendary bicycle tour, to amaze everyone, including the famous goalkeeper, Juventus fan, and even his own manager, Zinedine Zidane. Ronaldo's difficult effort to score against Buffon shows that it is not easy to score next to the Italian number 1 player.

3. David De Gea

The Manchester United goalkeeper is currently considered the best goalkeeper in the world. His efforts were clinical for the Red Devils under former manager Jose Mourinho and his defense tactics. The Spanish goalkeeper is on Real Madrid's radar, but this dream cannot be realized. This has increased significantly since it was signed in 2011 by Sir Alex Ferguson, the then manager. He reached a record 14 parades in one match in the English Premier League. Even though he didn't shine at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he still had time to prove himself to his national team. Ronaldo met him for the first time when De Gea played for his former club Atletico Madrid in the 2010 Copa Del Rey quarter-finals. In 2012 Ronaldo said he would not score against his former manager Sir Alex and Manchester United, but that did not stop his fans from celebrating. In the first leg, he jumped into the air to defeat Evra by sticking his head in. Instead, he pushed Higuain's cross into the goal. At the 2018 World Cup, after David De Gea had significantly improved, the Portuguese striker showed him that there was nothing better than the best. Ronaldo scored 3 goals in the group stage against Spain, first an early penalty that made him cross the other side, and then a shot from outside the box that De Gea slipped to let him go. When they finally lost one goal, he scored one of his incredible free kicks behind the Spanish wall and behind the goal.

4. Thibaut Courtois

The biggest and youngest man on this list is the Belgian goalkeeper. He helped Belgium to the semi-finals and finished third in the 2018 World Cup. This was Belgium's best placement. He has a savings rate of 76% and only conceded 6 goals, which earned him the Golden Glove Award. His appearance has helped his career since he signed a six-year contract with Spanish giants Real Madrid. He still has plenty of time to show off his skills at the new club and has pushed Belgium higher. Ronaldo scored against him when both at his previous club Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Courtois at Atletico Madrid. In 2011 he scored a hat trick against him, scoring penalties, free kicks and kicks far beyond the border.The following year, he scored two more, one title and another of his flagships, a free kick. Most of his free kick goals against Atletico Madrid are against Courtois. At Euro 2012, Ronaldo scored another header on the internet. In 2013, he showed Courtois' attention when he went from Carvajal to Bale, where Bale whistled when he received it, and let Ronaldo shoot him on the internet. The following year, they faced each other in the UCL final, a first for Courtois. Ronaldo scored the last goal in the 120th minute and sealed Real Madrid's 11th win.

5. Petr Cech

The Czech goalkeeper is the second highest person on this list. His earnings have kept records, conceded 100 goals in 180 EPL matches and won the Golden Glove in the Premier League for a total of four teams with four teams. He helped his national team reach a great peak from his debut in 2002 until his retirement in 2016. He spent 11 years with his former club Chelsea, where he helped his club win 4 league titles and 4 buy FA, ​​3 League Cups, 1 UEFA European League and 1 UEFA Champions League - all after life-threatening head injuries. Ronaldo's first goal against Cech was when they both played for the previous team. In 2008 he scored two goals, one at Eurocup from the edge of the box in the left corner under Cech's hand and the other by one of the high heads in a Champions League match. In 2012 he scored another header on Joa Moutinho's waist. In 2013 Ronaldo scored a curling free kick at the door - Petr Cech tried everything but couldn't stop it. In the same match he scored another header, running into the box through the Chelsea defense.

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