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La Liga

"He Doesn't Deserve The Real Madrid Jersey, Sell Him Off" Angry Real Madrid fans blast star player

Real Madrid were in action this evening in La Liga against Levante. And they didn't have a great performance.

And following their result this evening some Real Madrid fans were not happy with star player Odriozola after a poor performance.

And have reacted on Twitter to the star player performance. See some reactions below

- Ramos alone is better than our todays defense if I may be honest. Just give him 15 milion net for 2 years and to not worrie anymore , we are crap without him, its been proven game after game after game, Militao and Odriozola dont have level to play for Real Madrid. fact.

- Mili and Alvaro dont have level to play for Real Madrid. Facts.

- Odriozola is the most mediocre player Real Madrid has ever signed

- Odriozola is one of few players rightfully outcasted by Zidane , that guy shouldn't start even 1 minute . I prefer Vasquez over him and that says a lot ..

- I just know that Vinicius will do a better job playing right back than Odriozola is currently doing

- Red card was very harsh, vintage Asensio, Toni is the GOAT, Odriozola once again disappointing.

- Odriozola is nothing but a disaster on the RB. I genuinely wished he flourishes tonight & we're able to trust him on the long term, but sadly he showed absolutely NOTHING in an entire 45 minutes.


- Sorry for being harsh but Odriozola is really not helping in this match. For the goal we conceded it was not 100% his fault, but his timing to pass and crossing when we’re attacking is really bad.

- We should sell Odriozola this summer, he's been more of a liability than Militao but he's getting worse too

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