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Serie A

Juventus Will Not Win Seria An Ahead Of Inter Milan - This Is The League Table And Remaining Fixtures

As you are well aware, the league is almost coming to a conclusion, though it should have ended a long time ago, but due to the corona virus breakout, the league was suspended, in order to prevent it's widespread, but fortunately for everyone, especially the lovers of football, it was resumed in June, and since then, a lot of surprises have risen. Juventus are now loosing form, Atalanta are rooting for the title, Lazio are not left behind, but the truth is, these teams do not have what it takes to win Seria A, only Inter Milan and Juventus do, but Juventus have lost their form, and it is now in the hands of Inter Milan players. Take a look at the league table and standings.

For the last 2 matches that Juventus have played, they drew the matches, and they should have lost, but they were so lucky, the might not be again. Their remaining fixtures are very tough, and Cristiano Ronaldo seems to no longer been getting penalty kicks again. Currently, Inter Milan are trailing Juventus by 9 points, but they have a game in hand, which they will definitely win. The game is against SPAL football team, and they are 20th on the league table, they are almost a relegated team. I will show you a picture of Inter milan remaining fixtures.

The only tough match for them is the match against Atalanta, and they will settle for a draw, but they are sure of winning the matches against SPAL, they are almost relegated anyways; they will also win Roma, Roma will settle for Europa League football, and Inter Milan can win anyone currently. They will also win Fiorentina, Genoa and Napoli, so they will be expecting not less than 15 points, and that will take their tally to 84 points, but Juventus have a very tough task ahead. They have the following fixtures.

Juventus cannot win Lazio with their current form, and Lazio wants the trophy as well, they have a chance to win it. So that is 3 points gone. Also, Roma will beat Juventus, just to prevent them from winning the league. That is another 3 points gone. Udinese match against Juventus is always a tough cracker, Juventus will be lucky to get a draw. Cagliari and Sampdoria are matches that Juventus can only draw, so that is 3 points from a total of 15 points, which will take their total points to 80 points, while Inter Milan will get 84, making them the league champions.

I hope I have been able to show you how Juventus will not be able to win Seria A league ahead of Inter Milan? If you think i am wrong, the comment section is there for you to share your view. Please like and share this article if you think i am right. You can also follow me for more articles. Thank you.

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