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Chelsea Is Not Out Of The Deep Waters Just Yet As They Face This Premier League Giant

First and foremost, I believe a congratulations is in order. The way Chelsea handled the semifinals against Manchester United was nothing but a pure example of what you should expect from a top class team. The coach was right with his tactics, using 3 defenders at the back might have seemed like a risky move but it paid out at the end.

So congratulations to Chelsea fans on winning their match but I'm afraid they still have a bigger fish to fry as they face the League Champions on Wednesday. This match is a must-win for Chelsea because it will determine their place in the top 4. 

Good news for Chelsea as Leicester City lost their match against Tottenham Sunday to a 3-0 defeat. The defeat has caused them 3 points and given way to Chelsea further the gap.

Most fans think Jürgen Klopp; Liverpool's coach, is going to give Chelsea an easy time because they do not need the win. But yet again Klopp has a reputation to keep and if Chelsea is going to get 3 points from that match they are going to need to deserve it.

Nonetheless Chelsea is going to bring their best. In the match against Manchester United, Christian Pulisic was absent or a better word 'rested'. This is really good because he would be fit for the game against Liverpool.

Once again I want to commend Chelsea fans for the win on Sunday. A win they well deserved. 

Nothing has been confirmed yet about N'golo Kante's injury. There's a chance he may miss the match but all the same we wish him a quick full recovery and hope to see him on the final match day.

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