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Premier League

Funny pictures of footballers

Some pictures are worth a thousand words, some pictures tell a story and some are just unexplainable. So, if you're looking for pictures that will leave you as confused as ever, then you've come to the right place. We found a collection of soccer related photos that will just make you say WTF. So just keep scrolling, here are 28 photos that you won't want to miss...or do you? . 

When it comes to the heart-stopping, heartfelt and hilarious moments we love about soccer, we tend to focus on what unfolds on the pitch. It follows logic that a substitution -- an activity occurring on the periphery -- would not warrant much more attention than the obligatory clap that comes with one player's exit, another's entrance and some extra time tacked on to the end of the match.

Substitutions, as a necessary part of the game, are mundane and commonplace. However, it's just this matter-of-course expectation. 

The substitution that inspired this list: on May 21, 2017, Chelsea defender John Terry played his last ever match at Stamford Bridge. For a man who has been with the team since he was 14 years old, winning 64% of the trophies the club has EVER won and tirelessly sacrificing his body in the backline for over two decades, it perhaps goes without saying that the tough-nosed skipper deserved praise from players and fans.

I can't stop laughing 😂 lol.

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May God bless you.

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