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Six Players Who Can Use Both Their Feet

Players are traditionally classified based on their stronger foot, that is, either left-footed or right-footed and to some extent plays a significant role in determining what position the player would end up playing from.

For instance, it is more natural for a left-footed player to play from the left side of the pitch, either as a left-back or a left-winger.

However, there are a couple of players who have the ability to use both their feet almost equally, that is, they are ambipedal.

These players were either born with the ability to use both feet or gained the ability as a result of training their weaker foot.

Whatever the case may be these players have an edge over other players who can only use one foot, which means that they can be deployed on either side of the pitch and they will deliver.

In this article, we are going to look at six of these players who are able to use both their feet almost to perfection.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

The five-times Ballond'Or winner has the ability to strike with both feet, although, he is naturally a right-footed player.

The Portuguese is regarded as one of the most complete players, that is, he can use both feet and also has a lethal head.

2. Mason Greenwood

Photo Credit: Premier League

Anybody who has watched Mason Greenwood play, will not argue the ability of the young England talent to use both feet.

He has scored some important goals for Manchester United with both feet and is regarded as one of the most promising talents.

3. Ousmane Dembele

Photo Credit: Barcer Blaugranes

The Barcelona star is one of the most notable ambipedal players in the beautiful game. He can use both feet almost equally.

4. Son Heung-Min

Photo Credit: Tottenham Hotspur Wiki-Fandom

Another notable player who has the ability to use both feet is Tottenham Hotspur's Son Heung-Min.

5. Santi Cazorla

Photo Credit: The Sun

Former Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla, can use both feet equally well, to the extent that his former Coach Arsene Wenger admitted that he had no idea which is the player's strongest foot.

6. Eden Hazard

Photo Credit: Coaches' Voice

Real Madrid player Eden Hazard also falls in the group of these special players, as the Belgian can use both feet to dribble, shoot and pass.

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