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"Stop comparing Zouma and Maguire"-here is the statistics showing that one of them is over-hyped

The argument between Chelsea and Manutd fans have also brought about the comparison between Harry Maguire and Kurt Zouma. Starting from the age and country, Harry Maguire is 27 years of age and hails from England precisely Sheffield united while Kurt Zouma is 25 years of age and hails from France (Lyon).

Judging with trophies, Harry Magiure has no trophy at all nor a medal but Kurt Zouma already have 6 trophies which he fully participated in. Coming to the angle of judging by their previous teams before joining Chelsea and Manchester united respectively. Kurt Zouma won the league cup with St. Etienne while Maguire was just promoted to EPL when he was in Hull city and then he achieved nothing in Sheffield united.

From the international perspective, Harry Maguire is currently in England's national team and have reached the 3rd place of UEFA nations cup.Zouma has not yet featured for French main team but he lifted the U-20 world cup with France.

From the season's statistics, Chelsea have lost only 3 matches which Kurt Zouma featured in this season but almost all the matches lost by Manutd, Maguire was part of all of them and he even contributed to some due to his mistakes.

Kurt Zouma also has more career goals than Harry Maguire, more area ball winning, more tackles and sliding interceptions.Maguire has only more assists and passes which is not the main attribute of a defender. With these statistics shown, it is clear that Zouma is better than Maguire. Maguire is really over hyped because he is English, Chelsea vs Manutd clash yesterday also showed it all. Cesar Azplicueta crossed that ball directly in front of Maguire but the over-hyped €80m defender could not even slide or get in contact with Giroud instead he relaxed which Kurt Zouma woyld never do.

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