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Weird Ethiopian Culture That Still Exist, Very Intriguing

Bull jumping is a old ethiopian tradition, it is believed to be a ritual rite to initiate men into manhood, Here, the bull jumping ritual or ceremony is participated by all Hamer and Banna boys. According to investigations, there are some interesting things which are part of the bull jumping such as the flogging, blowing of horn and screaming, reports states that about fifteen to thirty bulls are lined up side by side, it is expected of the clad boys to jump the bulls from back to back, and if any of the boys falls they are flogged. But if they complete the task successfully, it is expected of them to turn around and finish the task three more times.

They female relatives of the boys participating in the bull jumping rite, beg to be flogged, the more deeper their scars, which indicates the love the show for their boy. The bull jumping ritual normally takes place in January and beginning of April, July through September and also december.

Ethiopia an east african and the second most populous country in Africa is blessed with some interesting and eye catching tradition. Bull jumping ceremony is seen as one of the weirdest culture in Africa. some people see rite as dangerous as someone may get injured. But Ethiopians sees this ceremony as the place where young boys tests their courage, strength and bravery. it is very important for the eldest son of a family to go through the rite, so that his young brothers can follow. According to reports, that the boy' s family makes the decision on when the ceremony takes place, Alcoholic drinks are given to those who have come for the ceremony, the status of the family also determine the number of people that attends or witness the rite.

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