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The World Most Used Emoji in Year 2020

Emojis are Ideograms and Smileys used in web pages and electronic messages, it can also be refers to as pictures that can represent encoded characters.

Emojis exist in various genre such as Facial expressions, weather conditions,objects,places and lot more.Emojis are more like a picture than statue.

Emojis are important in depicting emotions, health status,weather conditions,object and lot more. It is an integral part of electronic messages and their use is sacrosant to passing some encoded messages to receiver.

The use of emojis are not limited to electronic messages it can also be use on web pages and other electronic websites.

Twitter recently announced on World emojis day which is usually celebrated on July 17, 2020 after it inception in 2014. The most used emojis in the world from January 1 to July 10, 2020 are the tear of joy face emoji as number 1, this was followed by sobbing emoji at the number 2 position,the worried face emoji at number 3, on the fourth position 4 is the rolling on the floor laughter emoji, The heart on the eye face is on the 5 position.

The world emoji day is always celebrated on July 17th of July every year since it inception in 2014.


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