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How to write an original article



A correctly drafted original article gives information on what was done, why it was done, how it was done, the result of what was done, and the significance of what was done. Many articles fail to report their results effectively.


To describe the characteristics of an original article and to give practical recommendations to prevent the most common errors in our environment.

Evidence acquisition

We performed a systematic search of the terms “how to write a scientific article”, “structure of the original article” and “publishing an article” in the databases PubMed and SCOPUS. We analyzed the structure of an original article and the characteristics of its parts and prepared advice on the publication of an article.

Evidence synthesis

The journal's guidelines for authors should be read. It is usual for the original article to follow the IMRAD structure: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion. The introduction states briefly why the study was performed. The methods’ section should give a detailed explanation of how the study was performed. The results should be clearly presented, with the help of tables, without repeating information. The discussion explains the relevance of the results and contrasts them with those of other authors. Any limitations and a conclusion supported by the results must be included.


Writing an original article correctly requires practice and it must be supported by a good research work in order to be published.

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