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Can The Government of A Country Possibly Shut Down The Internet? Let's See How Possible That Can Be

Can The Government of A Country Possibly Shut Down The Internet? Let's See How Possible That Can Be 

Some people believe it's not possible for the government to shut down the internet. They think the internet is invisible, and as such, it's not under any body's control. But it is very possible for the government of a country to shut down the internet. The government can achieve this through the Internet Service Providers (ISP). She can achieve this in the following ways. 

If the goal is to make it so that no one in your country can talk to the rest of the Internet, the government would force the ISPs to either shut down their links to the foreign ISPs, or remove the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes to the rest of the Internet. Either works.

This is the most common way, as it allows the government to still publish propaganda internally and forces citizens to only use parts of the Internet that is in the government’s control.

The other way would be to focus ISPs to shut down their customer links, but this takes much more time and has a greater chance of being implemented poorly.

These ways of blocking Internet will become impossible once there is an affordable model for orbital Internet, such as SpaceX’s Starlink. The county would have to try to force an ISP that has no physical presence in their country to comply with disconnecting their customers, as the ISP can’t block the entire Internet without affecting customers that are not part of the target country.

In the case of Nigeria, ISP includes the MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile. 

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